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Kicking It Up A Notch With Colorful Heels

Kicking It Up A Notch With Colorful Heels

One of my favorite spring/summer looks is an attention-grabbing, colorful high heel with slim, cropped jeans and a classic white top. It's a great way to kick up the style quotient on a basic casual look, and for me, it's an especially convenient method for getting some mileage out of the fancy, frivolous shoes that I love to buy but almost never get a chance to wear. (Or, in this case, the fancy frivolous shoes that I lovingly bought thinking they'd be perfect summer workwear, only to realize shortly thereafter that my professional calling would largely consist of writing blog posts in my pajamas. Whoops.)

This week, I ventured deep into my closet in order to bring out a favorite pair of rarely-worns: deep orange satin slingbacks with a rosette accent, which were the perfect way to glam up a favorite jeans-and-a-tank combo with a pop of color. Plus, the rosettes were especially appropriate since I was going to a real, actual garden party! (Although: is wearing floral-themed apparel to a garden party considered gauche, like showing up at a concert wearing a t-shirt for the band you're about to see? Discuss.)

The best thing about colorful shoes: they're surprisingly flexible as compared with their more subdued compatriots. Between the satin fabric and the floral embellishment, these shoes definitely hold their own with more frou-frou and formal outfits—I've worn them before with a full-skirted, 1950s-style dress and felt like quite a Stepford Wife, and before that with a simple black satin dress for an elegant evening look—but they also looked great anchoring a more casual style and some eclectic accessories.

So instead of buying your next pair of heels in basic black, maybe... magenta? Or cobalt? Or how about ALL THE COLORS? (But seriously, somebody needs to buy that last pair. Do it for me.)

Head to toe: top, Charlotte Russe; jeans, F21; shoes, Nine West; bracelet, H&M; scarf, vintage.

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