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18 Ways To Celebrate the Start Of Summer

18 Ways To Celebrate the Start Of Summer

Everybody knows that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer season—it’s the first weekend you can turn up that grill, hit the beach, or debut your white pants. This summer is supposed to be hotter than usual for some of us, which is even more reason to celebrate. Ready to start this summer off with a bang (or better yet, a swim?)? We’ve got some suggestions.

1. Begin your day with a bike ride in scenic nature. Hit up a trail and check out the blooming flowers and greenery. Make a summer mix on your iPod and the ride will fly by! Turn it into a social event by inviting some friends. You can even plan a little picnic. We suggest PB&Js, grapes, and oranges, because they travel well in da heat.

2. Speaking of that summer mix, make sure you make it tight. Create a playlist just right for summer hijinx. Some of our faves include Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out,” Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ‘69,” and Don Healy’s “The Boys of Summer” (so many artists have redone that song too). And yes, that stupid LFO song “Summer Girls” is completely mandatory.

3. Throw out your TV. After the season finale of "Modern Family," you won't need to see anything on the airwaves until the fall premieres.

4. What’s better than starting your summer than a little extra cash? If you're into organization (and slightly OCD), throw a garage sale and purge yourself of those CDs, ugly sweaters, and fleece scarves taking up space in your place. This week, work with your parents to go through all of your junk and get it out on the driveway. Then, use the cash money you make from the garage sale to treat yourself to a neon bikini!

5. Grab an old-fashioned ice cream sundae at a little stand. Don’t go for the Baskin Robbins chain shiz—opt for a place that only accepts cash and serves out of a tiny window. Eat your ice cream at a picnic bench or bring it to a park and enjoy before it melts.

6. Head to the orthodontist and have the rubber bands on your braces changed from basic to bold summer colors. Might as well have some fun with the metal in your mouth.

7. Convince someone, anyone, to pick you up in a convertible. Bring a pair of sunglasses and let your hair go wild. We’d suggest throwing water balloons at your friends, ambushing them as you whizz by, but that would be irresponsible, so we can’t.

8. Got to go to Old Navy and get them flip-flops. Summer doesn’t really begin until those little thongs are between your toes, right?

9. Speaking of your toes, it's the first time they'll be seen after months of being stuffed into socks and slippers, so be sure to get yourself an inaugural summer pedicure. Go for something bold like a hot pink or totally teal. Make it a group outing with a few girls. Head to the salon in complete summer garb.

10. Give your most worn out winter jeans a little makeover. Shivani shows you how!

11. Get down and dirty in your garden. Planting some flowers will not only make your yard look bright and beautiful, but it may even give your parents the impression that you are helpful. Plus, you’ll get a tan as you plant those seeds!

12. If you won’t plant some flowers, at least smell some.

13. Still in school? Bring some beach balls to class and get ‘em popping in home room. It will feel almost like a concert, if concerts ended in detention.

14. Lounge around in your bikini. It’s technically still winter until the moment you lie your backyard wearing almost nothing. Grab a good book or a glossy magazine and veg for at least a few hours over Memorial Day weekend.

15. Now that you are in your bathing suit, head to the beach and build a huge sandle castle. Make a friend lie in the sand and build a mermaid shape around her. Be sure to give her giant boobies, because you can.

16. It’s time to get grilling. Assign each of your friends something to bring to your backyard soiree. Hot dogs, pickles, coleslaw and potato salad are summer staples, so make sure you have those on hand. Create fun mocktinis to drink (we love grapefruit and pineapple juices) and fill up some cute glasses. Add fun straws or little umbrellas for a little flair.

17. Nighttime is the right time for a little bonfire action. After the sun goes down, rally the troops and gather around the fire pit. Roast some marshmallows, listen to some jams (anyone got a guitar?), and generally act like those very attractive teens in the American Eagle ads. Please be safe and always remember to stop, drop and roll in the event of a fire hiccup. Go the extra mile and set up tents in your yard for an all-nighter.

18. You need to french kiss something to start summer off. You should probably convince the person who picked you up in that convertible to stop by the bonfire and make out with you.

Got any other good ways to celebrate the best time of the year? Share with us in the comments section.

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