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Revolution Trailer Asks, "What If We Lost Electricity Forever But Still Had Crossbows?"

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Revolution Trailer Asks, "What If We Lost Electricity Forever But Still Had Crossbows?"

At least until we all burn up in a cloud of fiery farts on December 21, 2012, apocalypse and dystopia themes will remain big in popular art. Revolution, the new post-catastrophe NBC series coming this fall, looks like it's going for both. Check the series trailer below. We'll discuss in approximately 4 minutes.

Revolution's main arc starts 15 years after the sudden, inexplicable failure of the world's electricity and all other forms of manmade energy (even batteries, which means no Gameboy Color. Laaaame.) Thus, America is plunged into a lightless, tweetless twilight that gives us the vibe of a video game that falls halfway between The Hunger Games' young-people-with-bows-and-arrows dystopia aesthetic and Book of Eli's waste-trotting quest for an artifact of mysterious salvation.

Will the synthesis of styles produce a cohesive narrative? Who knows! But Revolution is directed by Iron Man's Jon Favrau and produced by J.J. Abrams, so we do know one thing right away: Episode one will feature lots and lots of exploding things. Nobody does flashy cataclysm quite like JJ, and if that jet airliner whirligigging out of the sky at 0:40 is any indication, there's gonna be plenty of that when the grid goes down early in the series. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke also shares writing credits with Abrams here, so the script should be a weird/wild ride.

What else do we know about Revolution? Well, that silver USB drive/bolo tie thing that keeps popping up in the trailer is either the cause of or solution to the Great Scary Blackout, and will probably inspire a fair few slappings and/or stabbings over the run of the series. The scientist dude who possessed the "thing" dies pretty early, and the trailer positions his daughter, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) as the series protagonist. Spiridakos is known best as purebred werewolf Brynn McLean on Being Human, but here portrays the only girl in post-Blackout America who managed to horde a lifetime supply of blush and teeth-whitener. Her badass uncle Miles is played by Billy Burke (known from the Twilight franchise as Charlie Swan, Bella's pappy and Forks, WA mustache aficionado), and it looks like he used his 15 post-Blackout years to practice swordplay and spinny Matrix kung-fu.

The big bad is a dapper militia warlord played by Giancarlo Esposito, who is no stranger to high-horsed douchebaggery: he was Gus on Breaking Bad and, most recently, played Pierce's disgruntled half-bro, Gilbert, on the amazing 8-bit episode of Community. There's also a nerdy, beardy dude in an AC/DC tee, and a suspiciously tanned militia member named Nate who will probably step on both sides of the frenemy line before show's end.

So what do you think? Will you watch Revolution when it debuts on NBC's fall season? If you knew your next tweet would be your last, what would you say? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT WILL DEFINE OUR TIMES, MASTERMINDS!

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