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Justin Bieber Takes Fan to Billboard Awards

Justin Bieber Takes Fan to Billboard Awards

See, this is why we like stars like Justin Bieber. When high school senior Cady Eimer created a website, video, and Twitter page all for the sake of asking Justin Bieber to be her senior prom date, he had to tell her no...but he actually had a pretty good excuse: the 2012 Billboard Awards.

So, what did Mr. Popstar do instead? He made his own video inviting Cady (and her sister) to go the Billboard Awards with him on the night after instead. Which they did (and looked pretty spiffy, we might add). Now, a lot of Bieber's fans are up in arms about this because, Hey, Bieber didn't offer to take them to the Billboard Awards. To which we say: Dudes, she put a lot of work into this campaign. Let her enjoy the moment!

Really, we only have one question about this whole event: how does Selena feel?

[info via Huffington Post, photos via Splash]

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