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7 Things I've Accomplished After 2 Years of College

7 Things I've Accomplished After 2 Years of College

I took a Calc II exam, for which I put in about 12 hours hours of studying. I took a Physics II exam, for which I put in way over 12 hours of studying. I revised (rewrote) my short story far too many times. I wrote a pilot for a TV show. I defended Achilles in court against accusations of violating the Geneva Convetions (verdict: guilty. I guess we were supposed to argue that Homer reported correctly in the Iliad. Which is absurd. Of course Achilles fought a river). Which means FINALS WEEK IS OVER. I’m done with my second year of college, you guys! Which means I’m halfway done with my college career. Which, frankly, is terrifying.

So in order to keep myself from buying a motorcycle and getting a tattoo in a fit of despair over what I haven’t accomplished in life, I figured I’d make a list of things that I DID manage to accomplish over these past two years.

1.) I declared a physics major! At the very last minute (only slight exaggeration; handed the form in a half hour before it was due), and after a great deal of hand-wringing. I adore my advisor. In a very “he’s a sweet 70-year-old man who rarely stops smiling” sort of way.

2.) I don’t hate my classes anymore! For those of you were wondering, I graduated from high school with the intent of being an Art History major. I still like Art History, but more in the “let’s look at pretty pictures” sort of way, not a “let’s critique the city planning in the Albertian manner" sort of way.

3.) Total (academic) all-nighter count: 4 (probably), and I think that’s doing pretty well, if I dare say so myself. If you ask my mother, she’d be astounded. She knows how much I procrastinate.

4.) I have successfully sledded down a hill on a dining tray, climbed onto the roof of the arts building, and played nerf in the science building at midnight. Boo-yah.

5.) I have friends! Boo-yah.

6.) I have a girlfriend! Boo-yah.

7.) I have a GPA that I am not ashamed of! That is, when you factor out every class I’ve taken that wasn’t a requirement for my major. You can do that, you know. That’s a thing. Boo-yah.

Thing I have yet to do: 1.) Figure out what the hell I’m going to do after graduation, because I’m fairly certain I don’t want to go to grad school for physics. Still, having no idea what to do with a B.A. in physics probably still puts me in a better position than having no idea what to do with a B.A. in Art History. Right? Riiight? Anyone want to hire me? Any takers? None? That’s ok. It’s fine.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: In memory of the beloved Dan Harmon, this song was featured on Community, the show he was just fired from. Maybe I’m being overdramatic, but I’m going to miss him SO MUCH.

Have you accomplished some impressive stuff over the course of your college career?

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