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The Sacred Rules of Text Flirting

The Sacred Rules of Text Flirting

If I could pull a Neo and download one skill set (Matrix—style), it would doubtlessly be the ability to understand how members of the opposite sex communicate.  Unfortunately, those of us stuck in the real world are left without a magical neck-plug and have to learn these skills ourselves—usually by good 'ole trial and error. Thankfully, I've spent enough of my life living with boys and gossiping with girls to compile a short list of tips & tricks for modern communication with the opposite sex. Or, at least texting.

Patience is a virtue. I know, waiting sucks. There's nothing like that moment when a guy fails to instantly reply to your message: you begin to doubt every word you've ever sent or spoken to your crush. You are convinced that he must have gotten your text and ignored it. Or maybe he didn't get it? You stare at your phone longingly and jump whenever it goes off.  At this point, distraction is crucial. (Seriously, put the phone away.)

Write yourself a reality check. And then cash it, ASAP! (Laugh, that's punny.) Remember that even the most interested of boys isn't going to be sitting by the phone all day just hoping for your text. Boys are notoriously bad texters! Don't panic if he hasn't texted you back; a llama could have eaten his phone.  Or maybe he's just busy.

Resist the urge to double text. This is the cardinal rule of texting. DO NOT DOUBLE TEXT. If a boy has not replied to your message, he probably has a reason.  A grace period of 6+ hours should generally be allowed, and even after that period has passed, it's a good idea to wait for your crush to text back first.

Know when to bow out. Boys will send little signals when they're ready to end the current conversation.  He may start to wait longer between texts or send you short responses. It's his way of saying, "I don't want to be rude, but I'm busy right now and need to stop texting for a while." 

Follow his lead. If a boy brings the conversation into flirty-flirty land, follow him! Boys like it when we flirt back, and it's the perfect time to let him know you're interested.

Body language. Boys tend to send more winks and smileys when they're getting their flirt on. Your crush may add a ;) or :P to the end of his text. (Note of caution: some boys may send these in a friendly way or flirt without sending them.)

Leave him wanting more. When you can, let the boy have the last word.  This can be very difficult, but extremely effective.

Use the Magical Hemsworth Hand. Chelsea has it. The hand that touched the hand of Chris Hemsworth. To activate your own Hemsworth Hand, simply snap your fingers twice and whisper, "I, [state your name], call upon the powers of Chelsea Dagger and the Hemsworth Hand." 

Be yourself. Stop rolling your eyes at me, Sparklers.  It's time to put on your confidence pants and just have fun with it! Boys actually like it when a girl is comfortable enough to be herself with them. Let your personality shine.

Save the friendship. Not all crushes lead to marriage. Sometimes it's just not meant to be, but that doesn't mean the relationship has to be a total loss. A former crush can make an awesome friend; just give yourself some time to get over him before jumping gladly into the friend zone.

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What are your best text-flirting tips? What are your biggest texting DON'Ts?

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