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The Magnificent Return of the Friday Awards

The Magnificent Return of the Friday Awards

Goooooooooooooood afternoon Sparklebutts, and welcome to the return of the Friday Awards!! (Yes, Caught-in-a-snowstorm, we’re refraining from calling them the Friwards just for you. Feel special.)

We were trying to think of something extra-special for the introduction on this extra-special occasion, but the pressure was just too much for us. We tried to write a poem, but we the only thing we could think of to rhyme with “Friday” was “Friday.” Instead, we’re going to tell you a knock-knock joke.


(Who’s there?)

The Friday Awards!

(The Friday Awards who?)

The Friday Awards are here! Scroll down to read them.

First of all, we wish a very happy birthday to xXx_Dragon_Rider_xXx, R-Dog, NinjaAttack, and LadyIreland19.

This week’s Awesome Username Award goes to Distric9andThreeQuarters!

The We Know What You Mean Award goes to Caught-in-a-snowstorm for her comment on Chelsea’s Interview with Chris Hemsworth:

“Anybody else feel like they have met Chris Hemsworth simply because they are marginally connected to Chelsea?”

The Way to Be into Old Shows We Used to Love Award goes to naturelover100 for her comment on the bread post:

“The ‘conveyor belts’ part reminds me of the ‘Drake and Josh’ episode where they get a job at the sushi factory, and the sushi comes coming in out a super fast rate.”

The True Story Award goes to charred_rose11 for her comment on this Auntie Post:

“It is my opinion that there is absolutely no way to ask someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend that isn't at least a little awkward.”

The Nope, We Do That Too Award goes to Cafe_Mocha for her comment on this post:

“You should do what I do when I feel awkward. I pretend that all the people around me are really not humans at all, but some kind of weird animal, and then I watch them as if I am watching the behaviour of gorillas or meerkats or something - y'know, with a kind of amused, detached interest. HIghly entertaining stuff. Of course, you may end up staring creepily at everyone, but you can't put a price on entertainment.

Please tell me it's not just me who does this?”

The Everybody Loves Pi Award to randomness2325 for her comment on the Wheel of Fortune post:

“oh just realized that this video is pi minutes and seconds long”

The Good Advice Award goes to dianamer994 for her comment on the Jerky Boyfriend post: “Can I just add: sweetie, you're a senior. College boys. LOTS OF THEM”

The You Had Us Worried Until We Read the End of Your Comment Award goes to swimma95 for her comment on the Job Interviews post:

“I had my first job interview a couple of weeks ago and I DIDN'T EVEN WEAR PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I got the job ... Not saying this tactic will work for everyone though. I was applying to be a lifeguard and had just gotten out of the pool. But hey! Who knows right?”

LOL points go to the following Sparklers:

XTheInvincible for her comment on this post: “Oh dear. I can't seem to decide whether I'd rather be a horse lawyer or a rabble rouser... I'm so torn...” [this post]

that_other_Leah for her comment on the same post:

“I've always wanted to be a corset test subject. You know, someone who would try on corsets to see how tight you could lace them before passing out or cracking a rib-- because who wants to wear clothes that DON'T try to kill you?
Alternately, someone who stands on cliffs in hoop skirts to see how stiff the winds must be to send you flying into the abyss.
The 1800s were good times all round, really.”

PrestigiousTimeLady for her comment on the Friwards post:

“Brilliant. Now I have to sit here and formulate a flawless algorithm for the perfect comment.

...Okay I got it.


ShazamBam for this comment:

“I just sneezed 12 times in a row. The last one was so hard that I hit my head on the wall behind me, my desk next to me, and my dog went and hid in the closet like he does during thunderstorms.”

alexsarcastic221 for this comment:

"Sorry about the flea storm thing. I told my date that "we" should go back to the "dorm," but he thought I said "flea storm" and...well the whole thing just got kind of ugly after that...sorry guys..."

thePurpleRavenclaw for this comment on the Australian Playlist:

“When I hear the words "Jinja Safari" I see the Weasley twins riding on an elephant.”

tina100love for her comment on the Nearly Naked post:

“so i saw this really cute guy...
we were both walking... so i turned my head to look at him
BAD IDEA - my school had lots of poles (i think you know where this is going)
well i was watching his attractiveness.... aaaannnnnddddd
i walked STRAIGHT into a pole
and i think he may have noticed”

Miki-ayla for her comment on the Orphan post:

“Y.O.L.O.U.Y.I.F.- You only live once unless you're Isabelle Fuhrman. I do believe her character is always killed, poor girl.”

And dac123 for her reply on the same post:

“Y.O.L.O.U.Y.S.B.=You Only Live Once Unless You're Sean Bean. Dude's famous for playing characters who die (GoT season one anyone?)”

ElvesAreJustBetter for her comment on the Britney Spears post:

“Y'know, knees are the most awkward body parts ever. No matter how fit you are, they always look knobby and weird. I always thought my knees were just ugly, and now I'm like ‘oh. It was just scumbag Photoshop.’"

Unjellify for her comment on the MGG post:

“He just hypnotized a chicken! I love him! (Then again, if this video were about anything else involving MGG, my comment would be, "He just_______! I love him!)”

Queen_of_Stars for her comment on the Snow White slideshow:

“I feel bad for these people; i want to jump into the movie and give them all showers.”

MeltedChocolateBunnies for this comment on the Doctor Who post:

“If Ewan McGregor is not interested in Doctor Who, I now see no reason why I should even try.”

--Melephant for her comment on the KStew Fashion post:

"’For the love of Dagger!’ should be a battle cry.”

XTheInvincible for this comment:

“sigh* You know you're a fangirl when you start comparing the different half-masks a guy has worn, and actually have a preferred mask, and can actually articulate the reasons for your preference. *facepalm*”

cookie-lovingBabaYaga for this comment:

“Isn't it funny, that in normal conversation ‘Call of Nature.’ means needing to go to the toilet, and in fantasy novels/films/shows it's something mystical and magical?”

And to ThePensivePenseive for this comment on Chelsea Dagger's Sam Claflin interview:

“Sparklife has a lot of guys? Really? Where are they? Mayhaps our rabid fangirling has them hiding.

He was a dorable (typo, but I like "dorable" as a noun so I'm leaving it) and SUCH a freaking prince. He even dressed like I imagine a seafaring modern day Disney prince would.”

Congrats to the Friampions! Keep on commenting for more Friwards to come!

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