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iCarly Is Over?

iCarly Is Over?

In short, yes. Nickelodeon announced yesterday that this season of iCarly is its last. The cast plans to film the sixth season finale sometime next month and air it November.

We're pretty big fans of iCarly—it's funny, it's awkward, AND they have such a cool apartment. (Seriously, would anyone not like to live there?) But ... after six seasons, we can see how it might be time to retire—especially since most of the cast members are already adults and hey, they can only stay in high school so long, right?

Still, we're gonna miss the random dancing. BUT, just in case you were worried you'd never see these guys again, never fear: most of the main characters are already signed on to new Nickelodeon shows ... except for the star, who wants to go to college.

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Are you going to miss iCarly? Or are you glad it's O-V-E-R?

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