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Ear Plug: Auto Body

Ear Plug: Auto Body

Born in the hot, muggy bowels of the Austin, Texas underground music scene, Auto Body are electro-rock fusion incarnate, exorcizing the demons of their noisy past in search of the holy grail of body rock and brutal beats.

With a war chest of throbbing beats, grinding synths, dripping vocals, and sing-a-long melodies, the duo that is Auto Body—vocalist/producer Thibault Bowman and keyboard and bass player Felix Moreno—commandeered an Austin garage as teenagers, ripping off face-pounding beats and squelching synth sounds with hormone-fueled and drug-drenched passion.

Their new album, Say What You Will, documents the duo's transition from mayhem to maturity. The five songs on Say What You Will spin tales of death, painful love, apathy, revenge, light, addiction, redemption and vindication (though not necessarily in that order).

Hot Chip meets Yeasayer in the anthemic chant of "Say What You Will.” Brit-rock bravado aches in “The Drop.” David Bowie and David Byrne swim through a TV On The Radio Stream of consciousness while synthesizers growl on “Can’t Forget You.”

In other words, Say What You Will is not just about two highly flammable songwriters reaching maturity; it’s a most personal document, emotionally deeper than anything that’s come before.

Go here to get Say What You Will for free.

Say What You Will EP Track List

1. Say What You Will
2. Can't Forget You
3. Get Back
4. Holding Out
5. The Drop

Topics: Life
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