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35 Things to Do This Summer

35 Things to Do This Summer

Summer’s here! (Or almost here, for all of you still in high school). That means you’ve got approximately 100 days of awesomeness ahead of you, so don’t screw it up! Just do exactly as Faye says and things will be totally awesome.

Here are 35 things I’m doing this summer that you should do, too (that's right, give in to peer pressure):

  1. Plant a sunflower
  2. Watch a super hero movie (Wear a cape to the theater for bonus points)
  3. Break out the old Nintendo 64 and commence nostalgia
  4. Go to the beach. I don’t care if you live in Ohio; that’s not an excuse. In fact, you’re equidistant from beaches on both sides
  5. Ride a rollercoaster
  6. Settle the debate between New York and Chicago pizza
  7. Pet a llama
  8. Teach yourself Italian
  9. Go for a bike ride
  10. Steal a street sign (This only applies to you if you live in Ohio—my friend claims that this is the only fun thing to do in Ohio)
  11. Sleep until 2 in the afternoon
  12. Forget everything you learned during the school year
  13. Go into the city (any city will do)
  14. Play laser tag
  15. Go to Disney World!
  16. Make something out of paper-mâché
  17. Go fruit/berry picking
  18. Make delicious fruity drinks with your friends. Crazy straws are a must.
  19. Bake a cake
  20. Roast marshmallows
  21. Go to a concert
  22. Make a sidewalk chalk mural
  23. Read a really good book
  24. Read a really bad book
  25. Ride a jet-ski
  26. Stay up for 24 hours
  27. Play miniature golf
  28. Have a movie marathon
  29. Get a job
  30. Get paid
  31. Spend a day doing nothing
  32. Go rock climbing
  33. Buy something random to put in your dorm room next year
  34. Eat an entire banana split
  35. Feel bad about eating an entire banana split. Vow to take up running

What's on your summer bucket list?

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