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Which Hunger Games District Would You Work In?

Which Hunger Games District Would You Work In?

We all know by now that in The Hunger Games, you have to work hard for the money—or, you know, the fish-shaped bread (which, while more tasty, is very hard to use for payment at Macy's). Of course, in Panem, you don't get to decide what that work is. Your district, or rather the Capitol, decides for you. There are no college counselors or career coaches or personnel office. There are no aptitude tests or self-help books with nonsensical titles about cheese and parachutes and narwhals (not yet, but we're hoping).

There is only this: Lightless, cold mineshaft that will no doubt collapse in on you one day, leaving your wife infuriatingly emotionally and mentally absent and your kids to fend for themselves OR bloody mortal combat against pre-pubescent teens who remind you of your sister that will be broadcast for the entire world to see. We're sure Katniss's first question would be, "Tell me about the health benefits for that mineshaft gig again. Do I get dental?"

Every district, of course, has its own special industry. Complete the following sentences below to see which district would be your best employer.

1. I love the smell of __________ in the morning.

a. Caviar
b. Manure
c. Fish guts
d. Tar
e. Fission

2. I would describe myself as a(n) ___________.

a. Team player
b. Animal person
c. Sportsman
d. Drone
e. Good secret keeper

3. I am most energetic in the __________ of the day.

a. Thirty minute window between tea and nap time
b. Middle
c. Early morning
d. What does "day" mean?
e. I can't answer that question.

4. I think the most important thing in life is _________.

a. Valor
b. Hamburgers
c. Dramamine
d. Staying alive
e. Revenge

5. Five years from now, I would like to be ___________.

a. A mentor
b. Alive
c. Alive
d. Alive
e. Dancing on President Snow's grave

If you answered mostly A's, you would be employed by District 1 (luxury goods).
If you answered mostly B's, you would be employed by District 10 (livestock).
If you answered mostly C's, you would be employed by District 4 (fishing).
If you answered mostly D's, you would be employed by District 12 (coal mining).
If you answered mostly E's, you would be employed by District 13 (graphite nuclear weapons).

Which district would you want to work in?

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