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What Would Kristen Stewart Wear? Totally Cute Outfit Ideas Inspired by the Star of Snow White and the Huntsman!

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought, "I have absolutely NOTHING to wear to that red carpet premiere on Thursday!"?

Of course you haven't, butts, because you're not famous. (YET.) But just because you don't have bajillions of dollars and a movie franchise, doesn't mean you can't dress like an A-Lister.

That's where Kristen Stewart, the awesome star of Snow White and the Huntsman, comes in (if you still haven't jumped on the KStew bandwagon, check out my interview with her—I DARE YOU NOT TO LIKE HER AFTER WATCHING IT); she may be rich and famous, but her style is totally accessible, adorable, and down-to-earth. Click through to be inspired by some of her cutest looks, and next time you find yourself confounded by your closet, just ask "What would KStew wear?"

(But if the answer is "an exorbitantly expensive Balenciaga dress," it's fine just to go with the knock-off version from Forever21.)
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