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Talie Plays the Ukulele (With Actual Video Evidence)

Talie Plays the Ukulele (With Actual Video Evidence)

Talie actually learned how to play the uke! We're totally impressed. —Sparkitors

I, Talie the Tragically Boy-Challenged, completed a seemingly IMPOSSIBLE item on the Bucket List… (drumroll please)…

Numero 26: Learn how to play the ukulele.

Yes, you read right. It actually happened. So, I was trying to figure out how to prove y’all that I actually did learn how to play the uke, and I figured, "HEY. I’ll make a video. And I’ll post it on YouTube." I then realized that the only song that I know really well requires singing… but I put it on YouTube anyway, partly because I was exhausted to the point of passing out and partly because the song would be really boring if there was no singing involved.

But a couple of things before you watch it:

  1. Yes, that is really me.
  2. I fully recognize that I have the speaking voice of a toddler. Seriously, think about it. I sound like a toddler.
  3. Please excuse the awkwardness. I’m pretty sure that I was running on like 3 hours of sleep, plus I’m too lazy to record another one.

And with that wonderfully BEAUTIFUL introduction, here’s my video:

Clearly I’m NOT a master ukulelist (ukulele-er? Ukulele-lover? UKE-WIZARD??), but I am doing WAYYY BETTER than I thought I’d do. Let me tell you, it felt super weird serenading a computer.

I think I’m substituting the void of any boys in my life with my ukulele. WHICH IS TOTALLY HEALTHY. Because me and Gordon (my uke is a boy) are having a freakin’ beautiful life together at the moment, thankyouverymuch. Anywhoo, my life is something akin to Katniss’s in The Hunger Games: a bunch of girls are killing themselves over dudes, and I’m just trying to make it out alive. Okay, not exactly the same thing, but work with me here.

Talie :)

Wasn't Talie's ukulele-ing awesome? Anyone else play a cool instrument?

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