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EXCLUSIVE Video: Chelsea Dagger Interviews Charlize Theron About Snow White and the Huntsman!

EXCLUSIVE Video: Chelsea Dagger Interviews Charlize Theron About Snow White and the Huntsman!

HERE IT IS, BUTTS: My last interview from the absolutely incredible Snow White and the Huntsman press junket at Arundel Castle in England. And I'm going out with a bang (and a barf, for good measure): today, I've got the footage of my interview with none other than the Evil Queen herself, Charlize Theron (whose many accomplishments include winning an Oscar, recently adopting an adorable baby boy, and surviving an interview with ME, the Sweat Machine of the East Coast).

I've had a raging girl crush on Charlize since I saw her in this dress almost 12 years ago; ever since, I've been in awe of her mad acting skillz (you've got to see her in Monster, The Burning Plain, Arrested Development, and my new favorite movie Young Adult), her impossibly high cheekbones, and the easy-going approach she takes to being one of the most famous women in the world.

In a way, this is the interview that means the most to me (yes, it even tops Chris, KStew, and Sam)—not just because I've admired Charlize for so long, but also because this is the very first interview I did at the junket (and the first interview I've ever done one-on-one with a celebrity, AND the first time I've ever done an interview on camera. It's like the universe was conspiring to make me sweat myself to death).

I can't recall ever having been more nervous than I was when I walked into Charlize's tent and found myself in the middle of a tiny army of cameramen, assistants, and publicists—and 5 feet in front of me was the most stunning woman I have ever seen. Surrounded by all those professionals, I was absolutely terrified that I'd  be exposed for the amateur/newbie/panic-attack-waiting-to-happen that I was, and I blurted out something like, "Hiit'smyfirstjunketI'msonervousImightdiealsoIhavenodideawhatI'mdoingshouldIgositupthereohgod* desperate laughter*HALLLPPPP" Everyone turned to stare at me, and I stood there wheezing and waiting to be smited by the Gods of Press Junkets, who surely don't look kindly on sweaty idiots. But Charlize just gave me a giant grin, said "Get on up here!" and then proceeded to joke that she was going to "pop my junket cherry"—pretty much the most hilarious moment of my life.

After that, I would have thrown myself in front of traffic for her—she was the KINDEST, most down-to-earth person you can imagine. I was so nervous that I kept forgetting my questions and pausing to look at my notepad, but every time I did, Charlize would say "It's okay, take your time!" I could not have asked for a funnier, smarter, more amazing first interview—I'll always appreciate that this gigantic star made an effort to make me feel at ease. I really can't say enough about how wonderful Charlize is—so I'll shut up and let you see for yourselves! (OH, and you may have to turn the volume up a bit; there was a plane circling above us for a solid 3 minutes, hence the droning sound in the background. WHAT CAN I SAY, THAT'S JUST HOW IT GOES AT THE JUNKETS.)

Isn't she just the absolute BEST?! Charlize, if you ever read this, I LOVE YOU. IN A NON-CREEPY WAY. Did you guys enjoy these interviews? Do you have any tips for me if I ever get to talk to celebs again (like "don't mention barf so much?") ARE YOU BEYOND EXCITED TO SEE SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN WHEN IT COMES OUT JUNE 1?!

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