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Would You Rather: Prom Edition, Part 2

Would You Rather: Prom Edition, Part 2

For the past few weeks, you’ve been eating, sleeping, breathing, peeing, pooping, writing, sneezing, talking, thinking, drinking, and wiping, PROM. There is not a single moment of the day during which you do not hold prom at the forefront of your forehead. In fact, your head is about to combust, it’s so full of prom-centric thoughts.

It’s OK—you’re not the only teenager to suffer from a prom fixation. Want to reach out to others with this same disease in a fun way? Play a game of Would You Rather: Prom Edition. It will put the fun back into arranging all those last-minute prom details! Would you rather…

  • Have a pre-dinner date of unlimited breadsticks and salad at Olive Garden, or have your date feed your gummy worms the same way a mother bird feeds her little babies?
  • Take pre-prom photos on a dock that suddenly breaks, leaving you and your dress soaked, or have no recollection of prom night at all (no photos and you suffer amnesia, for this one night only)?
  • Have this thing attached to the butt of your gown like Beyonce, or make a grand entrance at prom in a giant egg, a la Lady Gaga?
  • Wear that way too ugly, over the top British fascinator thingy Beatrice wore to the royal wedding, or shave your head? Note: The ugly, heavy makeup comes with that massive bow thingamajigger.
  • Have your hair turn out like Princess Lea’s, or your makeup look like Snooki's?
  • Wear your mom’s old prom dress for free, or drop big bucks saved from your part time job at Subway to buy your own dress, which you will only wear once? This is actually a serious question to consider.
  • Wear a homemade dress made out of bubble wrap or bubble gum? Things to consider: people constantly trying to chew on you or pop your big bubs.
  • Have to suffer through really uncomfortable high heeled shoes, or stuff yourself like a sausage into ridiculously tight Spanx? We ended up doing both at prom—don’t worry, you’ll live.
  • Go with the guy you'll end up marrying, or the hottest human ever, who will never speak to you again after the weekend?
  • Go with a girl who doesn't stop talking, or with a girl who literally can't talk?
  • Have your zipper break while busting a dance move, or have your date “accidentally” spill punch on you after dinner? (Oops, you probably shouldn’t have told him you “weren’t a huge fan” of the color he chose for your corsage.)
  • Have your mom and dad chaperone the dance, or have them drop you and your date off in their old conversion van? (We think both scenarios could end up as awesome yearbook photos.)
  • Have your manly prom date rip off his tux to reveal a leotard, and then lead all the girls in the “Single Ladies" dance like a BOSS, or be with the guy who refuses to dance?
  • Be crowned prom queen, but be forced to dance with the prom king, your archenemy (you despise him and he smells like BO and stale mustard, and during this dance, he will grab your butt because he knows it will put you into a BLIND RAGE), or be dubbed “ The Prom Bomb," which is a mean thing someone makes up to describe a girl who grinds on a wall since no one wants to dance with her? Things to consider: both will follow you to your high school reunion.
  • Have the DJ play strictly classical music, OR Broadway show tunes, OR country, OR Sigor Ros?
  • Go home alone after prom, but spend the night getting your feet massaged by a professional masseuse, or massage your date’s lip with your tongue in the parking lot?
  • Abide by your parents' early curfew—which they’ve been SO generous as to extend to 11:30 on PROM night—or walk in at 11:30 IN THE MORNING, ready to face the consequences?

Tell us in the comments section!

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