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The Embarrassing Case of the Nearly-Naked Boy

The Embarrassing Case of the Nearly-Naked Boy

Before I begin, let's make this clear: In high school, I was a little bubble of asocial-awkward-shy-ness just waiting to burst. And I worked at a second-hand store.

If you're familiar with thrift shops, you know that the customer base is 97.5% old ladies who collect knick-knacks and ugly sweaters. And I was okay with that, since old ladies are incredibly easy to talk to (i.e. they either are super mean and are so busy being evil that you don't need to speak, or are super nice and are so busy complimenting you that you don't need to speak). And that is why, when a cute guy walked into the store one day, I panicked and caused the most embarassing moment of my entire life.

Cute guys never came into the store. But this one did, and I was totally befuddled. It was so bad, I started blushing before he even talked to me.So when he asked me if he could try some clothes on, I nodded, avoided eye contact, and fumbled with the key to the dressing room until finally the door was open. By this point, he probably already thought I was an oddball (to put it lightly).

BUT THEN. I was busy with normal, elderly customers for a while and forgot about Cute Guy. So, when a little old lady asked to get in the dressing room, I blanked and went to open the door, not even bothering to knock.

And then there was Cute Guy in his UNDERWEAR, staring at me like I was a freak.

To 16-year-old me, who had never been kissed, much less seen a guy without pants on, this was a huge deal. I was mortified.

I quickly slammed the door shut, turning 7 shades of pink and yelling "OHMYGOSHI'MSOSORRY!!!"

And this is bad enough, right? WRONG.

Because not only did at least 4 nearby women start laughing really loudly, one of them immediately shouted, "She's not sorry, honey; she did it on purpose 'cause YOU'RE CUTE!" All the women and my co-workers laughed even louder, drawing attention from every single corner of the store.

That's when I died inside and went to hide under the check-out counter. As it turns out, that was a terrible place to hide, because 2 minutes later, there was Cute Guy, waiting for me to ring him up. Which I did, awkwardly, while avoiding making eye contact with his you-are-so-dead-to-me stare.

I was so traumatized, I refused to talk about the experience for two years.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you at work?

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