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Hipster Music, Australian Version

Hipster Music, Australian Version

8blue_jay8 says this playlist consists mostly of small, up-and-coming Australian bands. YES. Two things we love: hipster music and Australian accents.

"Awkward" by San Cisco

"Air" by Snakadaktal (This music video is pretty cool--lots of fun masks!)

"Girls" by Deep Sea Arcade (This group reminds us of the Beetles. Anyone else?)

"Gebbie Street" by DZ Deathrays

"Sleep With the Fishes" by Velociraptor (We just love the combination of this song title and band name.)

"Zimbabwe" by New Navy

"Whales" by The Cairos

"Dead Beat" by King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard (Again, awesome band name. Even awesomer song.)

"Guru" by Millions

"Carpet Rash" by Total Control

"Peter Pan" by Jinja Safari (This is one of the most interesting music videos we've seen in a long time.)

"Time & Place" by The Last Dinosaurs

"Tidal Wave" by Husky

What's your favorite Australian music?

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