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EXCLUSIVE Video: Chelsea Dagger Interviews Sam Claflin About Snow White and the Huntsman!

EXCLUSIVE Video: Chelsea Dagger Interviews Sam Claflin About Snow White and the Huntsman!

If you thought I looked love-struck during my  interview with Chris Hemsworth, just wait till you get a gander at me talking to/visibly swooning over Sam Claflin, the totally adorable, insanely sweet actor who puts a dark, sexy spin on the fairy tale Prince in Snow White and the Huntsman. The manic grin on my face pretty much makes it plain that I was full-on in lurve with this dude as soon as I sat down—but really, can you blame me? I mean, how cute is he in that striped shirt?! He was like the world's sexiest boat captain—and I, my friends, was all hands on deck. (OH, I WENT THERE.) I adored Kristin, Chris, and Charlize (who's coming up tomorrow), but I gotta say: Sam was my favorite.

He was just so genuinely funny, so endearingly starstruck by his cast-mates, and so ABSURDLY HANDSOME, that by the end of the interview, I was about two seconds away from yelling, "HEMSWORTH, FETCH ME MY SMELLING SALTS!" I was also about two seconds away from leaning in for a smooch—but hey, Sam practically told me to do it (you'll understand once you watch). Press play to see our hilarious interview—but tie a pillow to your head first. There's a 97% chance that you're going to swoon, and I don't want you hitting anything sharp on the way down.

ISN'T HE A DREAM?! Didn't you giggle like a fangirl when he said "pretty special dance moves"?! Wasn't it amazing that for once, someone other than me brought up sweat?! Do you think I used the word "perfect" too many times?! (You are right—I couldn't control myself.) Which interview has been your favorite so far? Watch me chat with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth right here!

For those of you who just can't get enough of Snow White and the Huntsman (in theaters June 1), see trailers, extended sneak peeks, and photo galleries right here, and follow the movie on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest!

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