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The Best Teacher Prank in, Like, Ever

The Best Teacher Prank in, Like, Ever

Lots of students pull pranks on their teachers, but how often do you see teachers pulling pranks on their students? Well, that's exactly what Mike Penney and his fellow teachers did at this Massachusetts high school.

The teacher videoed some interviews with his students, all the while having other teachers secretly dance in the background. Add Whitney Houston, and presto! The perfect prank video. We're impressed because:

  1. Some of those teachers can, like, actually dance. Who knew?
  2. Can you imagine how hard it would be to keep a straight face while video-taping that?
  3. We just love to see teachers goofing off!

After watching, we have just one question: is anyone else DYING to know what those kids were saying the whole time?

    [information via Reddit]

Have your teachers ever pulled a prank on you?

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