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Get Your Last-Minute Yearbook Awards Votes in NOW!

Get Your Last-Minute Yearbook Awards Votes in NOW!

Alright, Sparklers, it's time to use your imaginations. Think back to that one time your family was ordering pizza and you weren't home yet. And you knew—KNEW—that your little brother was going to convince your parents to ONLY order olive and anchovy pizza just to spite you. And so you rushed home and came bashing through the door just in time to tell them that you wanted ham and pineapple for goodness sake! You remember?

Well, this is sort of like that time. Except instead of getting yummy, gooey, cheesey pizza, you're helping some awesome Sparklers win $500.

That's right—time is running out on Yearbook Awards but don't worry: you can still vote! But only for two more days. Voting ends this Thursday, so you have until then to squeeze in your last minute votes. This is your last chance to have a say in who wins the Fourth Annual SparkNotes Yearbook Awards, so don't miss out! Click here to take part in this wonderful democratic process.

And with a little luck, you'll vote in time to stop your little brother from picking the anchovy-flavored Sparkler. Or something like that.

Are you ready to vote? Click here!

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