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EXCLUSIVE Video: Chelsea Dagger Interviews Kristen Stewart About Snow White and the Huntsman!

EXCLUSIVE Video: Chelsea Dagger Interviews Kristen Stewart About Snow White and the Huntsman!

Just in case you thought I couldn't possibly say the word "barf" in front of another celebrity, BEHOLD: my interview with superstar Kristen Stewart, who plays Snow White in Universal's wickedly cool re-make of the classic fairy tale. I last "met" Kristen at a set visit in October (and by "met" I mean "stood near her in a throng of reporters and had a miniature asthma attack into my tape recorder"), but this is the first time I've ever gotten to talk to her one-on-one—and guys, she is AWESOME.

Funny, relaxed, gorgeous, thoughtful, and totally relatable—she's awkward in the most endearing way possible, and she's also totally genuine (plus, she was wearing the most badass jacket I've ever seen, AND  a pair of hot-red high top sneakers. BALLERRRRR). She was my last interview of the junket, and at that point, I was leaking sweat and coherency at 2 liters a second—basically, I was a mess. But Kristen could not have been any cooler—we started joking as soon as I sat down about a TOP SECRET QUOTE she had given to the last journalist (that's why you hear me say "That's going to go down as the best quote of the junket" right the beginning), and when I had a panic black-out moment and completely lost my train of thought (you'll see that in the outtakes at the end of the week), she totally put me at ease (and increased my girl crush by about 20 million percent). The interview was over in what seemed like no time—the cameraman signaled at me that he was wrapping the scene, so the last few seconds are mostly me shaking my pudgy fists at the sky. But I would have loved to tell Kristen that she is straight-up fantastic; I hope you'll agree once you check out our giggle-fest of an interview below. (One request: try not to shake your head in shame when I bring up my gag reflex YET AGAIN. I just can't help myself.)

Doesn't KStew seem totally amazing?! Isn't it adorable when she says, "I promise you I'm a fellow geek!" (Say "no" and face my sweaty wrath.) Stay tuned for more awesome interviews with hottie Sam Claflin, Oscar-winner Charlize Theron, and director Rupert Sanders, plus tons of awesome Snow White coverage as the week goes on!

Check out my interview with Chris Hemsworth right here (there's even a trombone dance, guys), and see trailers, extended sneak peeks, and photo galleries right here! For even more SWATH pics, interviews, and updates, follow the movie on FacebookTwitter, andPinterest!

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