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The Friday Awards Are BACK!

The Friday Awards Are BACK!

Let the leaps of joy commence, Sparksicles, because you totally read that right: we're bringing back the Friday Awards for one loooooonnnng summer of fun. Are you psyched? Because we are VERY psyched.

If you're sitting there asking yourself what in the name of Rowling are the Friday Awards, we have two things to say to you. First: dude,  it's time to read up on some SparkLife history! And second: we're sure everyone could use a refresher, so here's a quick explanation—the Friday Awards (Friwards) are a bunch of random-but-AWESOME awards that go to the Sparklers with the funniest/best/most interesting comments, usernames, or contributions.

In other words, it's basically like winning a bright, shiny trophy... but minus the trophy bit, because this is The Internets.

So, what should you do to awe your fellow Sparklers into jealousy and competitive angst? It's easy! Just comment like crazy—be funny, be awesome, be YOURSELF, and write your thoughts on as many posts as possible! And if you do that, then we'll promise to be amused and amazed by almost anything you say. Well, at least the cool stuff.

We have just one last question: ARE YOU SPARKLERS READY TO ROCK AND ROLL? (Hint: the answer is yes.)

Are you as excited as we are??

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