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What Faye Learned During Her Freshman Year of College!

What Faye Learned During Her Freshman Year of College!

Faye is officially done with freshman year! Now get ready for some great advice...—Sparkitors

Get ready Sparklers, cuz here it is: What Faye Learned her Freshman Year of College!


  • It’s okay if you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. That’s why you’re in college.
  • You can and will fail your first Calculus exam each semester.
  • Don’t worry though, because you’ll do better on the next exam and ace the final after a ton of hard work.
  • You don’t NEED an A, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for mediocrity.
  • I’m not going to tell you not to procrastinate, because we both know you’re going to do it anyway. But procrastinate responsibly. Know your limits and how long it takes to write a 2,500 word research paper.


  • There are some amazing people out there--find them.
  • Make friends with people who know and accept you for the huge weirdo you are.
  • If you ever feel lonely, chances are someone else does too. If you’re together, then you’re no longer alone.
  • You can always make a big school smaller: from the people you sit next to in class to the kids on your floor, there are groups of friends waiting to be made.
  • Don’t judge; it seriously limits the number of awesome people you’ll meet.


  • Explore your world. Whether it’s a small college town or a huge city, you’ve got four years to make it your own.
  • Eat sushi. Get a chai tea latte from Starbucks. Order pizza at 2 in the morning. Try something new.
  • Go shopping with the girls.
  • Watch movies, play board games, go on a scavenger hunt, build a giant paper mache sea monster: just make memories.
  • Get lost. Literally, some of my best adventures are those that were never planned.


  • You will not meet Prince Charming at a Frat party.
  • Bad boys are overrated. Find a guy who likes to cuddle.
  • Don’t settle.
  • If you haven’t had your first boyfriend or even your first kiss by the end of your freshman year, or college, or any arbitrary date that you set for yourself, that doesn’t mean that you’re never going to find someone. It just means that you haven’t found the person yet.
  • College Dating Rule #7: Regret is worse than rejection. If I hadn’t taken the chance and practically challenged Ash to ask me out, I don’t know what we’d be right now. But I did, and we’ve been dating for almost 4 months and I regret nothing. So if you like a guy and it seems like he likes you too, then do something about it and things might work out!
  • And if they don’t, there are two men who will always have your back: Ben and Jerry.

You’d think I’d be tired of all the advice giving, but I am the Oprah of bloggers. YOU GET A NEW CAR. YOU GET A NEW CAR. YOU’RE ALL GETTING NEW CARS. But not for reals because I’m an unemployed college student. Advice you may have though. (And talk like Yoda apparently doing am I.)


Q. I told my crush I like him, even though I knew he didn’t like me back. He’s been super nice about the whole thing, but I’ve been super awkward—practically avoiding him. How do I make our friendship work?

A. Sometimes I wish I had a giant shell on my back because then when I do something awkward, I could just retreat inside my shell and the awkwardness would go away. Except not really, because then I’d be some sort of mutant hermit-crab-human hybrid with a giant shell on her back. Which would only make for even more awkward situations and a potentially hilarious sitcom. Anyway, the problem in this equation is you, which is actually a good thing, because that means it’s easy to fix. Avoidance might be your natural response to awkwardness (it’s definitely mine), but it’s not the answer. Nothing has really changed in your friendship, so treat it that way. The sooner you get back to doing the things you used to do, the sooner things go back to normal.

Q. I like this guy, my friend's neighbor, how do I get to know him? I've played tennis with him before but just once before.

A. First things first, ask yourself why you like this guy that you’ve only really talked to once. I’m guessing the answer to that is because he looks smokin’ hot in a tennis outfit. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad reason to like a guy. (Personally I’m a huge fan of smokin’ hot guys.) Just make sure you have something in common beyond that. If you really want to get to know him, you have to start in groups—maybe your friend can invite him and another guy to play doubles tennis with the two of you. If you’re not that into tennis, now might be a good time to get into tennis. Afterward, the group of you could all grab pizza and you can get to know tennis cutie. Good luck!

And that’s all folks! As for Ash’s and my summer plans: he’s visiting me for a weekend in June, and I’m visiting him in July. We’re keeping in touch via text, and when we really start missing each other we’ll call or Skype. I’ll be taking a break from College Dating Rules blogging, since there won’t be much college dating news over the summer. (Don’t worry though, I’ll still be around. You guys can’t get rid of me that easily.)

Faye :)

How was YOUR freshman year of college?

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