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(I'm Going To) Start Wearing Purple

(I'm Going To) Start Wearing Purple

Are you bringing your mom lilacs for Mother's Day? No, shut up, you aren't. They bloomed too early and now they are ALL GONE. (Or at least, that's what happened to the ones in my yard, which have been brown and droopy since sometime last week. Sad face.) But just 'cause you can't bring actual lilacs, that doesn't mean you can't show up to Sunday brunch adorned in their namesake shade! Especially if you happen to own a pair of purple pants and a summer scarf to match.

Which I do. So I am. (Preferably while enjoying this music video, which I like because it validates my decision to wear purple, and also because of Eugene Hutz's moustache.)

These purple cords are a pair of pants I love in theory but have trouble pulling off in practice—the cut is supposed to be skinny, but after a few washings they've reshaped themselves into loose, boyfriend-style slouch that really looks best on a taller gal—but with the cuffs rolled and some lightweight layering, they're officially the base of one of my new favorite outfits. Want your own pair? They're on sale at delia*s for about $10, and in about a billion different colors, which is a pretty fantastic deal. Although due to aforementioned stretchy problem, you might want to size down. Oooh, or maybe pick up some colored jeans instead? (And has anyone else noticed that delia*s is KING of the colored pants, always? Nobody else even comes close!)

The key to making this work: embracing the drape. A slouchy look can still be sophisticated with the right accessories—and with a basic v-neck tee, a summer scarf, some bangles, and cute canvas shoes (also about $10, also in so many colors), the overall vibe is casual but not sloppy. Which is good, 'cause we all know how moms feel about sloppy.

Head to toe: t-shirt, F21; cords, delia*s; shoes, Target; bangles, H&M.

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