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12 Lessons My Mom Taught Me

12 Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Moms are full of great life advice, and my mother in particular is full of so many pearls of wisdom, one could make a ridiculously long pearl necklace with them. Some more vivid lessons include:

  1. Hotel minibars are to be hated and feared.
  2. Travel everywhere when you’re young. It’s hard to backpack when you keep throwing your back out.
  3. It’s never a bad idea to buy another book.
  4. Work smart, not hard.
  5. Make your be; you never know who’s coming over.
  6. It’s the face without makeup that’s a work of art.
  7. You can save the world and drink boxed wine.
  8. There’s a paddle for every ass.
  9. You will have bad boyfriends; the trick is to pick a good husband.
  10. Wrap your feet in duct tape when breaking in a pair of shoes.
  11. Take lots of pictures now. You’ll be happy you did when you start getting wrinkly because even the bad ones now will look great later.
  12. Don’t get bangs, they make you look like a choir boy.

I’m still learning from my mom and I can’t wait for her next lesson.

We love this! Do you have any mom lessons to add to the list?

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