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Viral Videos Your Mom Will Love

Viral Videos Your Mom Will Love

It would be irresponsible of me to suggest viral videos for you and your mom without first checking them out with my own mom! Patti raised me better than that.

So she and I got together and watched some of the most popular viral videos of 2011-2012 (plus some of my personal faves).

Full disclosure, we did this whilst in a room with two babies, so every now and then my mom starts talking to my one-year-old nephew. Ignore that. Still, her reviews were pretty solid—and we had a lovely afternoon together, giggling over how she used to steal my Halloween candy. Other family members weigh in from time to time, but Patti's their mom too, so I couldn't make them go away.

Ready to have a few laughs with the woman who brought you into the world? She deserves it! You both do.

Twins Talking to Each Other

MOM: All they're doing is saying "Dada" … there's no "Mom." (to my one-year-old nephew Liam) Well hello, Liam.
ME: Ma, pay attention to the babies on the Internet, not the real baby.
MOM: (to Liam) What do you think they're saying? (Liam does not care) Look, Liam. It's a baby on TV.
ME: Do you know 11 million people watched these babies talking to each other?
MOM: That's kinda crazy to me.
MY SISTER: How long is this video?

MY SISTER: (one minute later) Who has time for this? I'm a little bored.
MOM: That's kind of how I feel.

Charlie Bit Me
*VIDEO: Charlie bit me. Ouch. OUCH!*
MOM: What happened? Sorry, I'm only watching Liam.
ME: Mom! These kids are cute too.

*VIDEO: Charlie, that really hurt!*
MOM: (starts paying attention) Why did he say that? Can you start over? Do over! I want Liam to watch it.
ME: Do you like this video?
MOM: I don't know. I feel a lot of stress.

Anderson Cooper Gets the Giggles During the RidicuList!
MOM: He is so cute.
ME: Oh I know, right?
MOM: (giggling) He laughs like a little girl!

David After Dentist
MOM: What did they do?
ME: I think he got a tooth pulled?
MOM: I don't think that's funny! Why aren't the parents in the back seat? Someone should be with that child in the back seat. Clearly, he's had some sort of surgery. That's all I have to say.

ME: Look at her, getting in that convertible.
MOM: I thought she said she was going to the bus stop.
MY BROTHER: (passing through) Not this Friday she's not.
MOM: This is the best.
ME: Would you let me do this?
MOM: No.
ME: Why not?
MOM: How much does this cost?
ME: I don't know. I think a lot of money. But don't you think parents should support their kids' dreams?

MOM: Is it still Friday morning? Are they at a club?
ME: Would you let me go to this party if I were her?
MOM: I wouldn't let you out of the house. This is the worst song I've ever heard. I'm sorry.

MOM: Who is this guy, the bus driver?
ME: No, this is the guy who's owns the record company that made the video.
MOM: We should research to find out how much something like this costs. This is why there's so many kids who think they can do anything.
MY SISTER: (laughing) Wait … how is that a bad thing?
MOM: I don't know, if we don't teach Liam that there's limits …
ME: He might think he can be a pop star?
MOM: Yes.
ME: So did you like that?
MOM: No, I did not. That was worse than the twins.

Webcam 101 for Seniors
ME: Ok, this is two old people using their webcam for the first time.
MOM: And don't you say this reminds you of me and dad!
ME: This is you, Patti.
MOM: Don't even say that. Who are they talking to?
ME: They're trying to use their new computer.
MOM: They are cute. Does this remind you of me?
ME: Do you know how to use a webcam?
MOM: Yes.
ME: No you don't. [Editor's note: She doesn't.]

*WOMAN IN THE VIDEO: I don't know how to do it. I mean, I've just gotta learn too many things, you know? She tries to teach me so much.*
MOM: See? That's me. Trying to learn so much from you. You guys teach me too much.
ME: They are so cute.
MOM: This is too funny. If this were us, dad would be so mad right now. He wouldn't be able to sit there.
ME: He wouldn't be telling you your hair was pretty?
MOM: No. No way.

Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge: I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy
*JIMMY KIMMEL ON VIDEO: … I asked parents to pretend they ate all their kids' Halloween candy … *
MOM: Don't we all do that for real?
ME: You used to eat all my candy?
MOM: I used to take it away every night.
MOM: These kids are kind of too young to have candy. They're like babies.
ME: That kid's bigger.
MOM: Now they're getting older. It's more serious when they get older. Those little kids don't even understand what candy is.
ME: That kid's running away.
MOM: Oh boy.
ME: Not loving this one?
MOM: I don't like kids that scream at their parents.

Lily's Disneyland Surprise
MOM: Oh look at her. How old is she?
ME: Six.
MOM: She looks younger than that. She should've been more up for the surprise.
ME: You only like these when parents are being nice to their kids?
MOM: I'm not crazy about it when parents are mean.

Mother's Day
ME: You know the guy from Bob's Burgers? This is how he got that part. Do you like breakfast in bed?
MOM: You always tried to give it to me when I wasn't awake yet.
ME: Remember I bought you those heart earrings and you never wore them?
MOM: Will you get over that?
ME: Never.
MOM: This guy should be a woman. It's distracting. Hahaha! This little thing in the corner says "Mom wants cheesecake."
ME: Watch the video, not the ad.

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Do you watch viral videos with your mom? Does she love them?

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