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The Best Things to Do Upon Finishing Your Last Final

The Best Things to Do Upon Finishing Your Last Final

Finals Week: The bane of any college student's existence. Twice a year you can witness this spectacularly horrible phenomenon (often rumored to be the inspiration behind many a zombie apocalypse movie) as students worldwide lock themselves away and abandon all semblances of sanity. Historically, attempts have been made to lessen the effects of this torture on the young victims, but not even carting in boatloads of tiny puppies has seemed to make much of a difference.

But alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: that beautiful moment when every student reaches a level of exhausted self-actualization as he or she takes her first step out of their last final. In celebration of this beautiful moment, I have compiled a list of acceptable, awesome (and legal) behaviors that I myself have witnessed.

1. The Mass Text: Ah, the mass text. A source of celebration and immense jealousy, especially when the recipient has yet to take her own first step into freedom. A common example is as follows: "I'M FREE I'M FREE I'M DONE WITH FINALS I CAN'T BREATHE WHAT IS GOING ON I'M SO HAPPY I THINK I SAW A UNICORN," and so on.

2. Interpretive dance: This may not be an option that everyone is comfortable with, but trust me when I say that seeing a person flail about in the middle of the quad never gets old. (Okay, so maybe this one's more fun to watch than to do.)

3. Have some friends line up and run past them as they cheer and give you high-fives.

4. Rent A Llama. DO IT. IT'S SO AWESOME. And name it Randy. Randy the Llama. (I might not have actually seen this one, but a girl can dream.)

5. Have a *safe* note-burning session. This is only to be attempted if you have taken proper precautions...but, let's be honest, most of us have taken part in some variation of this activity.

6. Go to the beach: IT'S SUMMER, Y'ALL. SUMMER I TELL YOU. It is not perfectly acceptable to hop in the car with your besties and frolick at the local beach. Pools work too.

7. Eat a jar of Nutella. This needs no further explanation. Nutella is like the Harry Potter of foods. Magical, a little nutty, and lots of fun.

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What's the first thing you're going to do when you finish finals?

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