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What I'm Doing INSTEAD of Doing My Homework

What I'm Doing INSTEAD of Doing My Homework

Sure, I’ve got a giant history paper due, a math quiz to study for, a French debate to prepare for, and an AP History test to worry about, but that doesn’t mean that I’m actually doing any of that stuff! Let’s face it: the world is too darn distracting and—hey, look at that shiny thing! But back to the subject at hand: I easily digress from what I should be doing. And when I lose interest in my thrilling notes on the Vietnam War, you'll probably find me...

1. Reading SparkLife, duh!

2. Watching Julian Smith on YouTube.

3. Rocking out to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

4. Singing in Swahili.

5. Talking to my Garden Gnome, Sir Fitzwilliam Leicester Pendleton III. (He makes great conversation.)

6. Playing guitar.

7. Having tea with Mr. Tumnus.

8. Having hot chocolate with Rohirrim.

9. Having lemonade…alone.

10. RANDOM DANCE PARTY! (Get up and move…NOW!)

11. Wondering what in the world I was saying when I was singing in Swahili. (Yeah…I don’t speak Swahili.)

12. Planning my HP Puppet Pals spoof, the Presidential Puppet Pals in the Mysterious Clicking Noise. (Ron, Ron, Ron Reagan!)

13. Throwing ninja stars.

14. Wondering how fast I could get my homework done if I could stop getting distracted.

15. E-mailing Samwise Gamgee. (Although he never e-mails me back…)

16. Yelling at my dog to shut up. (Oh, the irony.)

17. Looking at the trees and thinking about how pretty they are.

18.  Watching Tim Hawkins on YouTube.

19.  Looking at pictures of angry kittens on Google.

20. Writing this post.

Well, just look at the time! Better get back to homework, unless…will my hot chocolate be cold by the time I get to Rohan?

Post by WhiteLadyEowyn!

What's your favorite way to procrastinate? Ours definitely involves some elaborate Boromir-based daydreams...

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