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TV Shows We'd Love to See Tim Burton Remake as Films

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TV Shows We'd Love to See Tim Burton Remake as Films

With the release of Dark Shadows this Friday, director Tim Burton has once again breathed new life into an old television show.  His darkly original approach has been applied to so many of our beloved stories that we thought it'd be interesting to see how he's tackle some other popular shows.

Glee. The popular FOX show gets the Tim Burton treatment with the student body of Prospect High School consisting of ghosts, robots, and mutants with comically horrible deformities—like Tommy the Two-Headed Sophomore and Third Eye Riley, a shy freshman with glasses who wins over the glee club with her rendition of “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

Mad Men. A stop-motion animated flick similar to A Nightmare Before Christmas. Don Draper and his band of advertising misfits must come up with the perfect commercial jingle for the evil Baron von Baron’s explosives company. If they fail, they will be at the mercy of Baron’s Bombs. Featuring music by Danny Elfman and Karen O.

Iron Chef: Mars. The fiercest cooking competition in the universe has been brought to the Red Planet. The best chefs in space will enter Kitchen Stadium for the chance to be crowned Galaxy’s Greatest Chef. Along the way, there will be sabotage, romance, suspense, and a slew of secret ingredients from Mars incuding Sloggumar, Sweet Blees, and Fahamataka-Beast.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Tim Burton’s dark take on the beloved children’s entertainer features Mr. Rogers as a cardigan-wearing, shoe-tossing victim of schizophrenia. In Mr. Rogers’ mind he has constructed an entirely different reality where he gets caught talking to imaginary neighbors, calls his dog a trolley while it moves around his apartment, and refers to his doctor as “Mr. McFeely” whenever he comes by to check on his mental health. But is it all imaginary???

Jersey Shore. An animated adventure where the cast of the hit MTV show is being threatened by the Governor of New Jersey to be permanently kicked out of the state.  If he gets his way then Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the crew will have to move to Delaware. GASP! The only solution? Spend the night in a haunted house. If they make it to morning, they get to stay in Jersey. IF!

Spongebob Squarepants. It’s the live-action, Tim Burtonized version of the little yellow guy. The story revolves around our lil’ spongey hero coming to life in the waters of a fishing village of Vietnam. Unfortunately, this freaks out the villagers and causes mass chaos. With the help of a small boy named Dave and the usual cast of characters, Spongebob Squarepants must win over the village and show the fishermen that he is a good sponge and not the devil sent to chase away all the shrimp and fish in Vietnam.

Dr. Phil. When an evil corporation releases a cloud of Sarcasm Gas on a small town in California it is up to Dr. Phil to save the day! The cure is out there. Dr. Phil must find it or risk dealing with snotty comebacks to questions for the rest of eternity.

Sesame Street. Tim Burton’s take on the greatest childhood show of all time will get an extreme gothic makeover. All of your favorite characters are here, but with a twist! There’s Big Brood—an oversized bird who is self-conscious about his height and just sits around moping about it; Emo Elmo—a red monster who wears black mascara, fishnet stockings, and writes poetry about wolves and bats; and of course, Oscar the Corpse who is, um, a corpse that lives in a garbage can. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Tim Burton can!

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