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"Mom, You're the Best": A Mother's Day Card from a Sparkler!

"Mom, You're the Best": A Mother's Day Card from a Sparkler!

I have the best mom in the world—and on Mother's Day, that presents a bit of a challenge. You see, it can be a bit difficult to get her a gift that truly expresses just how much I love her! Last year, my dad and I painted our bathroom purple while she was sleeping—and it’s kind of hard to one-up that. But then it hit me: I could write her a post! If it was published on SparkLife, that would be the greatest present of them all! Of course, then I’d have to worry about what to do next year, but I decided I could cross that bridge when I got to it. So, here are five reasons why my mom is the best of them all:

1. She makes me laugh: My mom can take anything and make it hilarious. She often says ridiculous things with a totally straight face, and I can’t help cracking up. For example, she recently told me that she wants grandchildren, and when I told her she’d get them eventually, she said “No! I want grandchildren now!”

2. She’s really easy to talk to: We talk about nearly everything, and it’s always been that way. I’m an only child, and so my mom is almost a quasi-sibling to me. We have some really great discussions about random things, and I love it!

3. She treats me like an adult: Ever since I was little, my mom has made it clear that I have to be a responsible kid and also that she is going to consider me as her equal. For example, when I was about five years old, she would tell me about problems she was having at work and ask me about how she could deal with the issues even though there was obviously nothing I could do to help! I never felt like I was “just a little kid,” and I realize now how valuable her expectations have been to me.

4. She helps me with whatever I need: She will always make time for me whenever I need it. Whether I need something for school or just want to talk to her, she will do it no matter how busy she is. For example, she tries to learn the subject matter of what I am learning in school so that she can help me with studying or answer questions I have.

5. She’s my mom and I love her! Thanks mom, you’re the best. I couldn’t ask for anyone better, because I won the parent lottery!

Post by monicarima!

This post is so sweet—and we feel just the same way about our awesome moms! What's the greatest thing about your mother?

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