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How to Connect With Your Mom

How to Connect With Your Mom

You're always saying to your mom, "Fear not, Mom. I promise I'm eating three meals a day and everything's clean"—but if she can't see it, she doesn't believe you. Moms are very visual creatures. Skype opens the door so your mom can breathe a sigh of relief and you can move on with your life. Embrace it. Technology. What a world!

Now, for the steps!

Step 1: Be kind to tech-phobic moms.
If your mom still calls going online "surfing the world wide web," consider using Skype to call her on her mobile or landline (yep, you can use Skype to call phones, and it's very affordable. That way, you're connecting with her, and she's not having a technology-induced panic attack. (Bonus: you don't have to clean up your room!)

Step 2: Make a real date.
Mother's Day is coming up. This holiday is specifically designed to making your mom feel good about her life and her choices in raising you. Show her what a great job she did by asking her out on a Skype date. Then write this date and time in your calendar. No, really. Write it down. Do not stand your mom up inside the internet.

Step 3: Set the stage!
Smoke and mirrors, my friend. Smoke and mirrors. We're not talking about going and renting some spacious and luxurious beach house so you can be like, "Look, mom! I can have it all!" … but really, do you have a fancy friend? If not, your regular apartment/dorm room will do just fine. Just pick a corner, shove that giant container of hummus, empty pizza boxes, unopened mail, discarded cardigans, and empty cans of Red Bull into it, point the camera somewhere else, and voila!—it looks like you have your life together! Wait, you have your life together? Will you be my fancy friend? I have to videochat with my mom.

Step 4: Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh, you fancy, huh?
Just kidding! Don't front for your mom, no matter what Drake says. She thinks you're prettier without all that eyeliner. Do, however, brush your hair. She gave you that hair; you want it to look presentable.

Step 5: Be professional.
Show up on time, well-caffeinated, well-rested, and ready to party. Yes, I said party. Because, surprise! It's not work, it's your fun mom time!

Step 6: Do something while you talk to make it feel like you're really together.
When I talk to my mom, I suggest we both drink tea while we chat. Why? Because my favorite real-life conversations with my mom happen when I stop being a grown-up for a second and let her make me tea. It feels like home. Find that little bit of home on your side of the computer and use it. Even if what you're actually talking about isn't important, you'll feel more connected. Try it. Hug the laptop.

Do you have great convos with your mom? Share your tips in the comments!

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