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The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

When I was little, I used to fight with my older sister. A lot. Like, one time? She and I were playing rockstar or something, and she was singing into a box cutter. No, I don't know where my parents were and no, they didn't leave box cutters lying around. Our house was under construction! The entire first floor looked like a scene out of Dexter—all wood beams and tarps and random gear lying about, just setting the stage for a psycho murderer to come and be all psycho and murder-y.

Speaking of psychos, back to my illustrative anecdote. I inevitably got mad at my sis because back in the day, it didn't take much for my tiny little brain to have a rage stroke. I grabbed the box cutter from my sister, and in the process, I cut her hand. So, let me repeat that: I was angry at my sister so I cut her with a razor blade. Reason #498 that tools aren't toys.

In any case, this is just one of the many epic fights I would instigate with my sis over the years (not always with box cutters, sometimes with nunchucks or war hammers). I was scrappy and younger and had a temper and couldn't use my words … so I just Hulked out instead. Not recommended.

But after I was punished for days and days, Patti (or Mom, as she prefers) always said the same thing: "When you are old and alone and no one wants to be your friend, you'll always have your sister. Sisters are forever." OR, "When you have no one in the world to call, you can always call your sister because your sister will always be there." It was typically some variation on me having no friends and being pathetic because at that point in time it was doubtful I'd grow up to be a functional human being, what with the razor blades and all. Proved them wrong, right?!? *sobs and shoves a whole pizza in mouth.*

On second thought, it might have been less advice and more a warning to my sister to run away, change her name, and start a new life because if she didn't, I would find her, because sisters ARE FOREVER. This could be a good movie. Think about it.

No, but for serious. Even though now I'm all grown up and can mostly handle my business, my sister is always the first person I go to when things fall apart. Every single time. It never gets old! I call her other times, too, but this story comes full circle only when I mention the moments when I've needed her the most, because my mother was right after all. When I see my sister, I immediately turn back into a frustrated little kid and cry forever. She picks me up and dusts me off and gives me advice and fixes my hair and makes me a human and sends me off happily until I mess everything up again. I love my sister fiercely. My mom's just ok.

Kidding! I love everyone. Even you.

So to recap the advice part: Be sweet to your sister because when everyone hates you, she will have to love you because you have the same blood and guts. Also, don't play with razor blades.

Does your mother give you the same advice about your sis? Do you believe her?

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