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In Defense of One-Pieces

In Defense of One-Pieces

Swimsuit season. Those two words make us shudder. Problem is, we like swimming and pool parties and hanging out with friends. And that’s where one-piece swimsuits come in.

This writer steered clear of the one-piece for many years. They reminded me of swim team or my moms, two things that, while cool, were not decidedly sexy. Bikinis come in so many fun prints, and you can score them for cheap at stores like Target, so I just kept buying them, and being uncomfortable every time I had to wear them.

Then I found the one-piece of her dreams. It was royal blue, with a little hardware on the bust. The legs had a nice cut. I put it on and actually felt sexy. And comfortable! It was a revelation.

Reasons I love my one-piece swimsuit:

  • I can actually swim in it without fearing that one of my boobs will pop out.
  • It leaves my middle covered so I can eat chips and guac all day without repercussions.
  • I can get down when a great song comes on without feeling like an exotic dancer.
  • I am so much more comfortable and less self-conscious in it.
  • All I need to bring to the beach is a skirt or shorts—no cover-up required.
  • I get so many compliments on the suit.
  • Yes, your tummy doesn’t get a tan—but once you don’t wear bikinis anymore, this becomes highly irrelevant.
  • It was the beginning of learning how to dress my body. Some trends and shapes just aren’t for everyone. Once you learn that, you can learn to cultivate a personal style. It’s like the axiom—you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Don’t judge your body by its ability to look like a movie star in a skimpy bikini—99.9% of us aren’t meant to do that.

Some retailers that have great one-pieces include: Delia*s, J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and Old Navy. One-pieces do tend to be more expensive, but mine turned out to be well worth the small investment.

What do you think about one-piece swimsuits? Would you wear one?

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