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The Perks of Being a Collegiate Loner

The Perks of Being a Collegiate Loner

Let’s get one thing straight: I am in no way against having friends. I enjoy the perks of collegiate loner-ness, but I wouldn’t mind a companion or two either. This post was written mainly to remind the collegiate loners (and loners in general) that being alone doesn’t have to be miserable. So here are 10 perks to being a collegiate loner:

1. No drama. If you’re best friends with Lola across the hall, and Lola’s boyfriend is caught in the shower with Siobhan from upstairs, then you will inevitably be drawn into the Battle of the Courtyard when Lola finds out about her boo’s cheatin’ heart (it’s like The Battle of the Green Fork, but worse). If you’re a loner, you just pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show without a real stake in either side.

2. Complete independence. You know what people with friends do when it’s dinnertime? They call/text/send out ravens in order to round up two to three friends and figure out when they’re going to dinner, and where.You know what loners do when they get hungry and it’s dinnertime? Grab Whale Talk (or some other book) and go to dinner.

3. No judgment. Your friends may try to dissuade you from an all-night Star Wars marathon in your room. They may even call you a Geeky McDorkpants until you agree to go to that frat party with them (they mean well, but sometimes you just don’t want to go out). As a loner you’re free to delve as deeply into your fandom as you want.

4. Free time. Friends are great, but they take up a lot of time. You have to keep up with their lives, make sure they’re up to date on the occurrences in your life, hang out, offer advice, sympathize, set them up with Charles Bingley, the list goes on. Loners have endless free time to fill with activities, homework, books, even more books, TV, movies, music, discovering new things to obsess over, going on walks, the possibilities are endless.

5. Money. You actually have it. When you think about it, friends are expensive. You hang out at the mall, the movies, or laser quest, all of which wind up costing you money. Or go out to dinner, which costs money, and sometimes you have to loan them $10 that you never see again. Then there are those parties that charge admission, and if your school has a homecoming or some other dance you have to buy a ticket, appropriate clothes, etc. Loners don’t tend to go out nearly as often, and when we do we pay only for ourselves (also we avoid dances like the plague).

6. Loners can have more confidence pants than the social kids. I have yet to meet a friend-ed person who would wear a full pirate outfit (complete with eye patch and fake parrot) for National Talk Like a Pirate Day. At least not without at least three other people dressed the same thing and standing in their immediate vicinity.

7. Loners don’t go to stereotypical frat parties. We don’t get invited, and even if we did we’d just wind up standing around awkwardly. But needing to be drunk and/or making out with a stranger in order to have fun is MUCH more pathetic than being friendless.

8. Fitting in isn’t always a good thing. Case in the point: The Hunger Games Capitol. Not that college is that bad, but…

9. Small adventures. Without friends to occupy you, you’re forced, and have time to, randomly roam your campus and its surrounding area. You might find out that the Rite Aid on the corner sells Snickers ice cream for cheaper than the grocery store, or that the nearby Dairy Queen has a student discount, you might randomly run into a British guy in a big blue box (I wish), or you could see a red-tailed hawk up close (not too close though, they’re pretty dangerous even if you’re not a squirrel).

10. Nolan’s Batman (Christian-Bale-as-Batman) is a loner. That is all.

Post by dac213 (read her first Collegiate Loner post right here)!

Any other perks to being a collegiate loner?

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