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The Hit List: Jonathan Coulton

The Hit List: Jonathan Coulton

As my answer to Metalhead's call for more Hit List posts, I give you internet super-star Jonathan Coulton. You may already know of his work: he's the guy who wrote Still Alive for the game Portal, then Want You Gone for its sequel. He's notable for completely embracing the Internet as a way to distribute his music, and for writing about tremendously geeky topics with all the hilarity and grace of a true nerd. And if that isn't enough to convince you that he's worth checking out, he recently recorded a new album with the help of John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants. His songs tend to be a cross between folk and pop-y rock, and he employs everything from harps to ukuleles to good old acoustic guitar. JoCo has a lot of fantastic songs, and here are some of his best:

SkullCrusher Mountain: A song about a mad scientist who falls in love with the damsel in distress his henchmen kidnapped for him. Like any good mad scientist he tries to win her heart with half-pony, half-monkey monsters, doomsday machines, and sincere promises that the voices in his head are telling him not to kill her. Yet.

I Crush Everything: A somber song about loneliness and self-loathing. Told, of course, from the perspective of a giant squid who only wants to hug those beautiful boats on the surface but keeps crushing them with his tentacles. It's very tragic.

Blue Sunny Day: Either an upbeat song about moving on from a breakup...or a sad song about a vampire who kills himself. Honestly, though, it's probably about the vampire.

Big Bad World One: Not all of JoCo's songs are about silly things, though. This one is about fearing rejection, and feeling anxious and awkward around other people.

When You Go: A beautiful acapella song about “leaving.” The obvious interpretation is that it is a breakup song, but JoCo has mentioned that he was actually thinking about his newborn daughter growing up and leaving home. He laments that parenthood is the saddest thing, that a parent's ultimate goal is to raise a child to one day break their heart.

I'm Your Moon: Another sad love song (he's good at those), to Pluto from its biggest moon, Charon, consoling Pluto after it got kicked out of the planet club.

Re: Your Brains: A song about friggin' zombies, oh my goodness!

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