Ain't No Party Like an Anti-Prom Party

Ain't No Party Like an Anti-Prom Party

Metalhead fills us in on his totally rockin' weekend, which included dangerous amounts of cream soda and dancing. We're surprised he made it out alive.—Sparkitors

Well, Prom came and Prom went, and I didn't go. But I made the weekend extremely freakin' awesome. I started off on Friday with recording some music (including a song I wrote about the Cary High Drama Department) and watching Ferris Bueller with my sister. ("I did not get to this position in life by letting some snotnosed punk leave MY cheese out in the wind!") Saturday, I went out and got some free comic books for Free Comic Book Day. (I love the Adventure Time and The Guild.) Then I came home, studied for my AP exam, and recorded even more music. (Which I will most definitely be putting on CDs so that I have an excuse to start playing shows soon.)

Then 7:00 rolled around, and I went to the Target to pick up some chips and soda for Shea's Anti-Prom party that I'd been invited to. I got there a little early (and there were like two other people), so we just plugged in a dubstep mix CD and started raving in the living room. People started to show up around 8:30. One guy plugged in his obscure dance music playlist and we started a mini rave with, like, ten people. And some of those girls had MOVES. Seriously, we had some pro shufflers up in there.

There were some pretty interesting moments. Such as the game of Uno some kids started playing and then got into a fight over whether Jorge had said "Uno" on time or not. Or the part where four random guys showed up who had to use the bathroom, and then wouldn't leave. But a few of my friends were there, as well as some pretty cool people I didn't even know. We were dancing and singing along to Skrillex and Deadmau5. We drank the entire two (three?) dozen cream sodas. There was cake, too. And all while the parents were upstairs trying to sleep. (I'm guessing they're used to this kind of party.) My gosh, it was fun. And worth saving the $135+ I would have had to spend on Prom. (Besides, seniors get free tickets next year, so that should help.)

Anyway, I left at midnight (after getting some great pictures), came home, and CRASHED. And now I'm so disappointed. I think I'm suffering from post party depression. (See what I did there?) I'm stuck at home studying for my AP exam on Monday. But you know what? I think Friday and Saturday were worth it. Nothing like some Ferris Bueller and a party to get a guy some confidence pants. And NEXT year, I swear I'm gonna Prom it up like all seniors should. \m/ (That's the rock n' roll horns emoticon, by the way.)

Metalhead's Weekly Song Pick: Wobble by Family Force 5

The video for this just came out, and it's super silly. The song's a fun little dance tune that teaches you a "new dance." The video just expands upon it; lead singer Soul Glow Activatur plays the nefarious Dr. Wobbs who unleashes the power of his ultimate dance weapon, the Wobbulator, upon the people of his town. Things get a bit out of hand when the Wobbulator explodes, have to see it just for the goofy factor.

Rock on!

Has your school had prom yet? Are you planning to attend/throw a killer Anti-Prom party?

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