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9 Reasons You Should Vote in the Yearbook Awards!

9 Reasons You Should Vote in the Yearbook Awards!

By now you've probably heard about the 4th Annual SparkNotes Yearbook Awards. What you may not know is that their fate rests in your hands! You, yes YOU have the power to decide who wins and who doesn't. But just in case being a power-hungry megalomaniac isn't enough of a reason to vote, here's why you should vote on this year's Yearbook Award contestants:

  1. It's good practice. As a teenager, you don't really get to take part in the oh-so-wonderful democratic process. Here's your chance to get ready!
  2. Hello, procrastination. You don't really want to do your homework, do you? Of course not! Why not vote here instead?
  3. These are your fellow Sparklers! And aren't you at least a little bit curious what they look like? Well, this is your opportunity to see their lovely little faces.
  4. Because dude, THE POWER. You get to vote yes or no! Your decision could affect the fate of the entire universe. Why WOULDN'T you want to use that??
  5. If you don't, that guy behind you will. And have you seen him? He has horrible taste. Do you really want to leave the fate of the universe in his hands? We didn't think so.
  6. Because we want you to. And you WILL do what we say. (We just used the force on you. This is Star Wars Day, after all.) Vote for the Yearbook Awards, you will.
  7. You get a cool hat. Well, actually, you don't. But hey, who's keeping track of cool hats?
  8. You can get fashion ideas. Just check out the best dressed or best hair categories, and you might get some new ideas to spice up your summer look! After all, Sparklers can be pretty inventive, right?
  9. Because we hid a tiny, tiny pineapple in one of those pictures. And now you're dying to click through all of them to find out which one.

You know you want to vote. Just click here!

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