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6 Reasons to LURVE the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Prince William and Princess Kate AKA Will and Kate)

6 Reasons to LURVE the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Prince William and Princess Kate AKA Will and Kate)

I’m not gonna lie: I was really sad when I showed up on SparkLife last Sunday and remembered that new posts don't go up on weekends, because that meant there would be no posts singing of the glory that is Will and Kate. And then I showed up two days later and realized that no one had so much as sneezed in honor of Will and Kate’s first anniversary! So, I’m sending this out into cyberspace in the hopes that people will read it and discover that Will and Kate are totally amazing, completely adorable, and (unlike some celebrity couples) absolutely in love.

1. Their Engagement: They were “on holiday” in Kenya when he proposed. In Kenya! Pssshhhh. No, I’m not jealous. Whatever. Did you see her dress when they announced the engagement?? It was beautiful. DID YOU SEE HER RING ? To quote Dharma and Greg, “It’s a HONKER!” A BK Triple Whopper with EIGHTEEN carats of sapphire, and also, diamonds. Plus their engagement interview is just so cute and funny! Here's a few excerpts:

Interviewer: Kate, there’s a story that goes around that you had a picture of William on your wall.
Will: It wasn’t just one, there was like 10, 20…
Kate: [Laughs] He wishes. No, um I had the Levi’s guy on my wall, not a picture of William. [Pats Will’s leg] Sorry. Sorry!
Will: It was me in Levi’s, honestly.

Kate: You liked my cooking.
Will: Your cooking was alright. It got better.
Will: I’m extremely funny and she loves that.
Kate: [Laughs] If you say so yourself.

Will: [about the proposal] I just chose when to do it and how to do it, and obviously, being a real romantic, I did it extremely well.
Kate: [Laughs]

And just because they’re cute, here are their engagement pictures.

2. Their Wedding: DID YOU SEE IT? DID YOU SEE? IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Her dress. His uniform. How he told her “You look beautiful” when she got to the altar. The amazing choir. Prince Harry whispering "Wait 'til you see her" to Will as Kate walked down the aisle. Princess Beatrice’s fascinator. The kiss. The history-making 2nd kiss. The surly bridesmaid. Only downside? She was walking down the aisle for SEVEN MINUTES. Man, that was a long time for those of us watching in the US at 1 in the morning. But just look at their lovely wedding photos!! And how cute is the picture they put in the program?

3. Her Style: There are just so many things to love about the way she dresses, and NOT A SINGLE THING TO HATE. It’s ridiculous, and makes me adore her all the more, although I’ve also heard that this makes her intolerable to people who don’t have the means or the inclination to dress as well as her. Either way, she’s freaking awesome. She also has a penchant for wearing a lot of bluenavy in particular—and looking GREAT in it. And no one pulls off crazy fascinators like she does. Look. Just. Look. And yeah, I am aware that I might have a slight style crush on her. Don’t look at me like that. LOOK AT HER!

4. Yeah, Will was a babe once upon a time: In a time capsule left by the class of 1990 for my senior class, there was a magazine all about Prince William’s 18th birthday. Suffice it to say, when I read it, I was like, yeah…He certainly was a delicious piece of man meat. Unfortunately, he started losing his hair in his mid-twenties. But not before he took some really lovely photos. Like this one.

5. They’re ADORABLE: They dated for eight or nine years before they got engaged, because Will said he wanted Kate to have a chance to see what she was getting into and back out if she needed to. And then they got engaged. And then they got married. And then they went on a North American tour, during which every other picture taken was of them being cute and very very in love. Everywhere they go, there are swoon-worthy pictures of them being the cutest couple EVER. They look so happy and comfortable with each other!

6. No scandals. And for royals, that’s a big honkin’ deal.

In closing, Will and Kate are (or seem to be, since I haven’t technically met them yet) some of the greatest people to walk the earth. I mean, they handle everything with poise and grace, they constantly seem to be laughing, and they’re truly in love with each other. This is a marriage that’s actually going to last. I would just like to wish them a hearty congratulations on their anniversary, give them lots of hugs and kisses, and go shopping with Kate. Plus also, DOESN’T THIS PICTURE MAKE YOU WANT TO CRY OR SOMETHING?!?

Post by KJ_Vball—thanks so much for including all these awesome links!

Will and Kate are like a real-life fairy tale! Cutest couple ever, don't you agree?

Photo from SplashNews

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