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20 Things to Count Besides Sheep to Help You Sleep

20 Things to Count Besides Sheep to Help You Sleep

-Hula girls dancing around Barack Obama

-Stuffed panda bears wearing rainbow t-shirts

-Mimes trapped in a glass box…of rattlesnakes

-Kermit the Frogs speaking French

-Dolphins jumping through hoops made of Twizzlers

-Koala bears hugging the legs of Kobe Bryant

-Tap dancers with bunny slippers

-Giraffes on roller skates

-Magicians in white tuxedos floating around the Golden Gate Bridge

-Slinkys “walking” down an escalator while Bon Iver plays their entire second album

-Farmers on tractors with giant light bulbs for heads

-Ballerinas leaping over a giant bowl of butterscotch pudding

-Fat guys in an Iron Man costume

-Spongebob Squarepants clones bouncing off trampolines

-Galloping unicorns with trumpets for horns instead of horns for horns

-Will Ferrells in Tidy Whiteys running after buses in Mexico

-Shooting stars that make burping sounds

-Lana del Reys in evening gowns emerging from clouds of blue smoke with a plate of BBQ ribs

-Unicyclists riding backwards into quicksand

-Uhhhh... sheep. (When all else fails.)

What do you think about to get to sleep?

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