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What to Write in Your Secret Crush's Yearbook

What to Write in Your Secret Crush's Yearbook

By Janet Manley

"I can’t believe we’re graduating. Before flying cars were invented."

"I wish we were both stupiderer so we could do this year over. One last hurraher."

"Remember when we made rocking chairs in woodshop class? I have a confession: I hate woodshop class. In fact, the only thing I hate more than woodshop class is a rocking chair. But you’re worth a hundred lousy rocking chairs, so I took the class."

"I’m sorry I beat you in an arm wrestle that time. If I had known that being beaten by a girl was emasculating, I would have crocheted you a cosy for your ginormous biceps instead."

"IT’S NOT TOO LATE to come over and jump on my trampoline."

"Even though I’ve known you since kindergarten, I’ve only had a crush on your Bieber-ish good looks since Beiber was legal game for crushing."

"I’m starting to worry I’ll never have a chance to date someone whose pool I peed in."

"Pssst. In the last math test, can I cheat off your chest? Because it is a PRIME FACTOR."

"One last robot dance for future time’s sake?"

"You are sunshine, lollipops and a treasure trove of accurate information on the zombie-pocalypse."

"Writing in an actual book in handwriting is so olde timey. I’m going to miss your britches and musket terribly."

"Four years ago, your voice was higher than mine. Today, my voice is lower again, temporarily, because I knowing we’re going to different places and I’m trying not to cry. (Tell me chicks with a SADNESS BARITONE are hot?)"

"I just wanted to say I never took you for granted. Granted, I wish I had taken you out."

"We go together like wasabi peas and pickled carrots."

"Scarecrow, I’m going to miss you most of all."

What are you writing in your crush's yearbook?!?

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