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Play-Writing and Awkward Situations

Play-Writing and Awkward Situations

Talie is back in class and ready with a whole new bucket of awkward! —Sparkitors

Hello my dearest, darlingist, most WONDERFUL Aparklers ever!! Guess where I’m writing/typing this? College. Yes, COLLEGE. I have finally returned to the wonderful, magical, stupendous world of college. When I stepped on campus, I swear I heard an angelic choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

It was a joyous event, to say the least. Walking around campus, I was overcome by the plethora of attractive men that passed by me. Or maybe I only thought that they were attractive because I hadn’t laid my eyes that many dudes my age in three months.

But guess what? I have an Australian roommate. Who’s from AUSTRALIA, and therefore has an AUSTRALIAN ACCENT. It is literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. Needless to say, I’ll be spending half of our conversations simply listening to her accent. I have three other roommates (besides the Australian), and they’re all pretty sweet ... and they’re pretty much on the same level of cray-cray that I’m on. Which is saying A LOT.

Oh, and remember Rodger? The beautiful, guitar playing GREEK GOD who I was slightly infatuated with? Who got engaged? His fiancé lives literally two apartments down from me, therefore I see him everyday (I kid you not). This alone would be unbelievably awkward, right? Right. But it gets worse.

The door to his fiance's apartment is ALWAYS OPEN. Which would be totally fine if I didn’t have to walk past it 50 gagillion times a day. Or if he wasn't always in the freakin’ apartment when I walk by. I no longer have a ridiculously creepy obsessive ball of feelings for Rodger in rolling around in the pit of my stomach, but with the amount of times I see him, it sure seems like it!

This is how it usually goes down. I start to casually walk by…

My Mind: Okay, Talie. Don’t look. Act casual. You are walking past this door to get to class, NOT to be creepin’ on Rodger. POOP, he is literally standing right in front of the door. RUN AWAY, TALIE.

Rodger: Hey Talie.

Me: Oh, hey Rodger.


It’s one big ball of awkwardness. But luckily, that’s all the drama that’s going on in my life.

And hey, speaking of drama, I finally finished my play! And by “finished,” I mean that I finished the first draft… I still have to edit it. But, who the heck cares? I FINISHED IT.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I would like  to introduce to you the title of my play: Freaks. It’s not an insult, ‘cause I am one. There’s a dance off in Act One. And a girl who carries around a life-size cardboard cutout of Darren Criss everywhere she goes. Basically, the play takes this whole media obsession thing going on with the Twi-hards, Potterheads, and Gleeks, and blows it WAY out of proportion.The whole story revolves around a Gleek, two Twi-hards, a Potterhead, and one new guy who just kinda got lumped with them. And those, my dears, are the Freaks.

It’s weird. Like me. So, if you like me, you’ll probably like the play, too. I’m not sure when it’ll be actually performed (hopefully this year), but when it gets to the stage it’ll be SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOME.

I hope…

Talie :)

Three cheers for Talie's play! Anyone got any advice for editing/producing?

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