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Amazing True Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Amazing True Facts about Cinco de Mayo

1. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican pride and heritage. In some Mexican towns it is customary to shoot a gun at a lake and scream the chorus to the Spice Girls’ hit from 1997 “Wannabe.”

2. May 5th is the anniversary of the first ever Rock-Paper-Scissor game played. It was an intense showdown between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson as they attempted to kill boredom during John Hancock’s speech at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

3. Bradley Schnickel was born on Cinco de Mayo in 1965 and is the first people to be hospitalized for brain freeze after devouring 12 Dairy Queen Blizzards in a row.

4. A small village in Hungary celebrates Cinco de Mayo by hurling large bowls of split pea soup at tractors.

5. On Cinco de Mayo, a gala in Fremont, Nebraska is held with a ceremonial nest of hornets broken open for luck. The gala currently holds the Guinness World Record for Shortest Party Ever.

6. In 1895 a small boy from Germany began walking home from school on Cinco de Mayo, but got so lost he ended up in St. Louis on the 4th of July. That boy grew up to be Albert Einstein.

7. Sales of mayonnaise at supermarkets increase 275% every year on Cinco de Mayo.

8. In a baseball game on Cinco de Mayo in 1964 the Cleveland Indians became the first team to start a dog at shortstop. Twenty years later, on the same day, the Cleveland Indians hired that dog as manager.

9. According to a CNN poll, the most common mistake people make about Cinco de Mayo is they still write Cuatro de Mayo on their checks.

10. It is believed that by Cinco de Mayo in the year 2028 we will have flying cars. We will also have robot cows, houses made of Pez, a Denny’s in Antarctica, and a new Bruno Mars song titled, “My Arthritis Hurts Worse Than My Broken Heart.”

11. The record for the longest conga line was set on Cinco de Mayo in 1971. It stretched from the living room of the Weinstein’s in Buffalo all the way to the swimming pool of the Thomas’s in Jacksonville. Three people were injured and 24 people died.

12. In 1994 MTV celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a 24-hour marathon of Menudo videos. Since then, not one Menudo has been played on MTV.

13. In Peru it is good luck on Cinco de Mayo to propose to your best friend's sister's cousin's grandmother's housekeeper's daughter's twin. If she does not have a twin, you are cursed with bad luck for the entire month.

14. Cinco de Mayo is also known in the US as National Reminder That Mother’s Day Is Coming Up.

15. The best way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is with authentic Mexican cuisine and good friends. If you can’t find either of those, Chipotle and the guy who teaches Drivers Ed is just as good.

Are any of these true?

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