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What Is This Robot Thinking?

The MindHut
What Is This Robot Thinking?

Here are some ideas:

I can't reach the third motor controller on my communications panel. Can you give it a scratch?

Stop looking at my infrared sensor breast plate.

No, I haven't seen Cabin in the Woods yet. Please stop yammering about it, YOU BUTT.

You don't even have a mounted LCD touch screen, and you expect me to go out with you?

You'd be on edge, too, if your laser rangefinder were as advanced as mine.

I feel chubby. :(

Let's discuss humanoid and legged development platforms. JUST KIDDING. Do you watch The New Girl?

Fist bump?

Are you hitting on me? Because my temperature and humidity sensors are going carazzzy!

Does this outfit make my data storage look small?

Must. Ingest. Chipotle.

My heart says 010001, but my RFID reader says we're not compatible.

This party ain't over till I make out with a hologram.


What else?

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