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How To Meet His Parents

How To Meet His Parents

Faye and Ash make the next big relationship move ... will it be awkward? -- Sparkitors

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents. It’s right up there with going to the dentist and taking final exams. Now normally, a couple might wait years before meeting each other’s parents. But in college world, where parents move their babies out of college and back home for 4 months, things happen a bit differently. That’s why after a little over 3 months of dating, not only did I meet Ash’s parents and he meet my mom, but they met each other.

And the worst part is Google doesn’t even have instructions on meeting your college boyfriend’s parents. Sure, there are lots of e-hows on visiting his parents when you’re 25+, but I don’t feel like the “bring a gift” rule applies to broke college students who think a package of Easy Mac counts as a birthday present.

So this is for all you College couples out there who have no idea what to do, here's a few pointers in College Dating Rule #6: Meet your boyfriend's parents the right way. Just follow these guidelines!

  1. Handshake, hug, high-five: it's up to the parents. Seriously, what are the rules on this one? Can we all just agree on something and maybe send out a mass text so everybody else knows? When Ash met my mom he gave her a handshake. I was going to do the same with his parents, but then Ash’s mom went in for a hug. I recovered fast enough but then I felt like I had to give Ash’s dad an awkward hug, too. Until humanity has this one figured out, just wait for the parental units to make the first move.
  2. Be prepared for the Spanish Inquisition, although it’ll probably be more like 20 Questions. Since my mom arrived first, that meant she had Ash all to herself. I know she was dying to interrogate him, but she kept the questions in the safe zone. Ash’s parents were the same way, asking things like how my semester went and what my plans for the summer were. Most parents don’t want to scare their sweetheart’s sweetheart away. Not yet, at least.
  3. He’s told his parents EVERYTHING. Okay, maybe not everything, but most of it. I was definitely caught off guard when Ash’s dad started telling the story about the time Ash didn’t go with me to get medicine for my sick fish, and I couldn’t remember the ending that he was referring to. He knows more about my life than I do!
  4. Physical affection is only awkward if you make eye contact with the parents. Is it weird to kiss your boyfriend in front of his mom when you're not going to see him for a month and a half? Well, that depends on your kiss. A mild peck? Sure. Sucking his face off? NO. Just be sure to look at him and NOT his mother.
  5. Let the parents talk. Although the thought of your parents talking to your boyfriend’s parents is kind of terrifying, it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Your parents actually act as a sort of buffer. Half the time that we were together, my mom and his were exchanging dog photos on their phones.

Now, who’s up for some delicious dating Q&A?

Q. So I really need help. My friends say that this guy I'm really close friends with has a crush on me. I don't like him that way but as friends. He has shown some of these signals but yet I don't believe them. I don't know what to do about this situation. HELP!

A. The classic he-likes-me-I-don’t-like-him-like-that scenario. Did you ever read any of the Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well the answer to your question is sort of like choosing your adventure, except you can't flip back and pick a different answer if the decision you've made turns out badly.

Here are your choices:

  1. Confront him. It will either a) turn out that he does like you, or b) turn out that he doesn't like you. If the answer is a), you can make a big deal out of it, maybe say something stupid, and let things get awkward. Or, you can just tell him that you don’t see him that way and hopefully go back to the way things were before. If the answer is b), you can just laugh it off and go back to your friendship. Or, you can let things get awkward.
  2. Convince yourself to like him back. This will either a) work (because the best relationships grow out of friendships!) or b), not work. Most of the time it won’t, and that can ruin a friendship.
  3. Wait. He will either a) make a move, or b) not a make a move. If he doesn't make a move, no worries!
  4. Worry about it. This will either a) make you miserable, or b) make you more miserable. Nothing good comes of worrying.

Anyway, is anyone else totally psyched about the fact that it’s practically SUMMER!?

Woot college!

Faye :)

Have you ever had a friend like you that you didn't like back?

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