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Would You Rather: Dating Edition

Would You Rather: Dating Edition

Sitting around the lunch table gets a whole lot more interesting and exciting when someone suggests a rousing game of “Would You Rather…” Since we all know love and lust are everyone’s favorite topics, we've made a great little list of love-ly topics. Would you rather...

  • a person with one giant Cyclops eye, or someone whose head is 12 times bigger than the rest of her body—kind of like this?
  • ...fall in love with an imaginary person no else can see but is with you all the time, or a famous, sexy rock star you can only see once a year?
  • ...marry your second cousin, or a someone who claims he was a murderer in his previous life?
  • your future SO on the moon, or at the bottom of the ocean? (Things to consider: Kissing without gravity, sharks.)
  • ...have to eat your SO’s socks, or the skin his slimy pet snake recently shed?
  • ...lick your SO’s loofah, or eat a big hunk of his year-old deodorant stick?
  • with the kind of egomanic who purses his lips when he’s looking in the mirror and fixing his hair, or the kind of guy whose mouth is an actual purse? (Point to consider: real coins falling like teeth each time he speaks to you.)
  • ...your mom show your SO your naked baby photos, or your diary with your terrible poetry detailing your intense infatuation?
  • ...your SO always smell like salami, or rotten eggs?
  • ...your SO’s breath taste like stale shrimp, or moldy cottage cheese?
  • ...have your boyfriend's hair look like cotton candy, or stringy linguine?
  • ...your SO have gigantic feet, or tiny hands?
  • ...have your SO call you, ever so affectionately, his “bro” or his “beyotch”?
  • ...have your SO have snot dripping out of his nose, or toilet paper peeking out of his pants?
  • ...have your SO wear huge headgear, or have really crooked teeth that spinach always gets wedged in?
  • ...find out your boy lazes around in his sister’s robe, or his Pokémon onesie?
  • ...your date kiss like a lizard, or be a great kisser with a secret, amphibian tail?
  • a boy who laughs like a squealing little girl, or a boy who doesn’t laugh?
  • ...your boyfriend took you to Medieval Times or Chucky Cheese for your first date?
  • ...have your first kiss in a deserted factory, or your parent's laundry room?
  • ...go one a dude ranch for your future honeymoon, or penguin-watching in Antarctica?

Got any crazy "would you rathers" you'd like to ask your fellow Sparklers? Poll away in the comments section!

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