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10 Things to Expect from Season 2 of BBC's Sherlock

10 Things to Expect from Season 2 of BBC's Sherlock

Season 2 of BBC's Sherlock is finally hitting the United States May 6th, on PBS. May the fan-rejoicing commence!

If you don't know what Sherlock is... you poor soul, please do yourself a favor and go watch Season 1. If you've watched both Season 1 and 2 already—well, then you can join me in the utter agony of waiting for Season 3.

And finally, if you've watched Season 1 and are breathlessly waiting to find out what happens next, then I welcome you to my utterly shameless (and somewhat spoilerish) list about what to expect in Sherlock's Season 2.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch in all his Sherlockian glory: This man is flawless again—FLAWLESS I SAY. He's so perfect that it's simply driving me to madness. His spot-on portrayal of the constantly-bored-with-life modern day Sherlock Holmes would be impressive enough on its own, but on top of that, he's simply Gorgeous with a capital G! His beautiful eyes and wonderful cheekbones! I know it sounds weird that I'm talking about attractive cheekbones, but they really are ravishing; I could cut myself slapping that face. And his voice—even my male friends admit that he has a charming voice.

2. Martin Freeman as the lovable John Watson: Martin Freeman has got to be one of the cutest human beings ever to exist. He flaunts his adorableness along with his ugly yet lovable jumpers and Christmas sweaters in Season 2. But beware... because Martin Freeman will absolutely break your heart into tiny, tiny pieces in the final episode of the season. Really. His heart-wrenching acting will drive you to brief insanity (he got a BAFTA for it)!

3. Irene Adler: A new addition to the season is Lara Pulver playing Irene Adler. For all of you who have read the original Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler is possibly the only woman Sherlock was ever interested in (yep, girls just weren't his area). In this version, she's absolutely stunning. She's strong and smart—and utterly seductive. An amazing new character who I hope we'll see more of.

4. Hound of Baskerville: Probably one of the most famous stories in the entire Sherlock Holmes adventures, Hound of Baskerville is masterfully adapted in Season 2. Please remember to not watch it late at night. Put your lights on, have a friend with you. It's probably the most horror-filled of all the Sherlock episodes yet, and you want to be prepared. Please. I don't want to you to have nightmares.

5. A Heart: Sherlock has been reliably informed that he doesn't have a heart. But we viewers will learn that's not quite true as we get to see a lot more of his humanity develop in season 2.  It's just so, SO heartwarming (and absolutely heartbreaking as we get to the final episode—but that's a bit of a spoiler).

6. Mrs. Hudson: First episode of the season, she is the coolest landlady to walk the surface of the Earth. London would fall without her!

7. Molly: Oh, Molly. Just Molly. You're not even canon, Molly. Yet we all still love you because you are just amazing in season two. Expect a lot of Molly-awesomeness near the end of the season. Also expect to be singing her praises.

8. Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty: Absolutely psycho, but utterly genius. I don't know how Andrew Scott does it, but Moriarty is one of the most lovable yet frightening villains to grace my brain in a long time. He will absolutely mess with your mind this season. Tell me Andrew, where have you been all my life?

9. Baskerville: Although just a quaint countryside, Baskerville has some gorgeous scenery. I am very tempted to go visit the British countryside now.

10. The Reichenbach Fall: Those of you who have already read the original Sherlock Holmes know the significance behind the words "The Reichenbach Fall"—but even if you know what's going to happen, you're still going to be traumatized. Mentally prepare yourself for the shock the final episode of the season will give you. Gatiss, Moffat, and THOMPSON (who wrote this tear-tastic episode—darn you, Thompson!) have created an absolute mind-kill for everybody. Get some tissues ready. Be prepared to have a broken brain, and maybe a broken heart too, after watching.

And then commence waiting for season 3 in utter agony.

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AHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH SEASON 2! It sounds amazing! Has anyone else already seen it?

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