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How to Master the Stay-at-Home Summer

How to Master the Stay-at-Home Summer

So you’re not jetting off to Milan this summer? You weren't accepted into some obnoxiously intense six-week athletic program? You haven't even got an excruciatingly dull family vacation to South Dakota to look forward to?

It’s entirely possible that many of you aren't bothered by the prospect of an eventless summer; to some, having three months of free time seems like a dream. But for those of us who can only take so many summer blockbusters before our heads explode, I offer you eight relatively inexpensive, practical, and enjoyable options to make three eventless months into a productive and memorial experience:

• Publish your procrastinations online. Blogging is quickly becoming one of the savviest sensations rocking the nation. And the best part? It’s extraordinarily simple! The range of topics stretches longer than the cafeteria line on pasta day, and it’s an unconventional way to express yourself whilst still blasting Coldplay and checking for Facebook notifications. You don’t even have to be great at writing! Plus, no long-term commitments!

• Become the #1 fan of some obscure and dated sitcom (or any show of your choice). Pick a TV show (the longer, the better) and rent/borrow all the seasons. Situate yourself in a comfortable chair—possibly with seventeen bags of popcorn–and don’t move until your eyes are no longer able to blink and you’ve watched all episodes. If all goes well, you should either be a major fan of the series, or have lost all brain power. Hopefully it isn’t the latter.

• Become smarter (in a totally un-nerdy way). Go on (not; there’s a difference) and learn a new word every day. It’s simple, painless, and you and your college essays will benefit from it. For bonus points: use the word in a text message.

• Add “Expert (insert profession here)” to your resume. Remember how you’ve been telling your friends for ages that you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, fold origami, and cook gourmet mac ‘n cheese? Use your newfound free time to teach yourself these desired crafts! From YouTube tutorials to “Dummies” books, fill your lazy days by becoming the next expert at whatever field you chose.

• See a Broadway (or Off-Broadway) show…for under $100. Plan a day with friends (or just yourself…) and head to the city a few hours before showtime. Most shows offer rush, lottery, student rush, or standing-room-only tickets at insanely discounted prices (think $25!) for theatergoers willing to journey to the marquees early. Rush tickets are available once the Box Office opens; lottery entries are usually taken around two hours before showtime; student rush available with student ID; and standing rooms available for sold-out performances. I highly recommend researching before you take off; has a great online list of all shows and each one’s policies.

• Write the next Harry Potter. Take all that seemingly-useless grammar you learned back in elementary school, mixed with all the angst of always missing out when someone brings bagels in the morning (or any other event of magnitude), and put it to words! Novels not really your thing? Write a play or poem. While your masterpiece may not become the next Hunger Games, at least your creative juices will flow more freely once September rolls around.

• Attempt being humorous…and film the results. If there’s one thing icons like Charlieissocoollike and Fred have in common, it’s their original incentive for video-making: extreme boredom. So, even if you don’t have plans to invent the next “face” or inspire the next Nickelodeon movie, video yourself giving advice, acting (or attempting to be) funny, and upload it to YouTube.

And, if your ennui becomes so major that none of these options interest you…

• Study…during the summer. Yes, I’m well aware of the invisible “unpopular opinion” tag hovering underneath this option. But think about it this way: when your teacher is re-teaching factoring to the deflated brains of your classmates, guess who can daydream about marrying Andrew Garfield and still get an A+? YOU.

Most importantly, have fun! Summer is a time of relaxation, enjoyment, and no stress. So even if that just means kicking up your heels and sipping Frappuccinos while watching reruns of Downton Abbey, have no shame! Summer is your time; it's three months without having to hear the terms “prom”, “deadline”, or “college”! Relish it!

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Do you have plans for the summer? What are your best boredom busters?

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