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Five MORE Albums I'm Really Excited For

Five MORE Albums I'm Really Excited For

Yes, Sparklers, there's music out there that's actually worth listening to (as opposed to Justin Beiber's latest hit.) I did a post on five albums that I was really excited for back in January, and most of those albums turned out to be pretty amazing. So, here are five MORE albums I'm excited for:

5. Write This Down: Lost Weekend
Release date: June 5, Tooth & Nail Records

Write This Down is a hard rock/screamo band from Minneapolis with a cool blend of clean and heavy parts to their music. Their first album was okay, but Lost Weekend is shaping up to be even louder and more abrasive (I love using that word to describe music) than their first album. The first single from Lost Weekend is called Crash and Burn, and it's pretty gritty and huge. This song surprised me—I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. I'll definitely be paying attention to WTD as they gear up for this new album.

4. Family Force 5: III.V EP
Release date: May 8, III Entertainment
You may have seen my review of Family Force 5's latest album, III. I was...disappointed, to say the least. It was okay, but it could have been a lot better. Well, FF5's been doing all they can to remedy that, releasing the Junk in the Trunk EP of old unreleased songs and demos in January, and preparing to drop some new stuff on us with the III.V EP. (In case you don't know, an EP doesn't have enough songs to be called a full album, but has more songs than a single.) There are two new songs—the hard rockin' rap number Zombie and the techno-club anthem Cray Button—plus acoustic re-recordings of "Kountry Gentleman", "Love Addict", and "Fever". Sure, it's only five songs, but the pre-reviews are in and it's quite the awesome EP.

3. Children 18:3: On The Run
Release date: June 19, Tooth & Nail Records
Back in the days when I was just getting started at taking over SL with my music reviews, I wrote a little post about a band called Children 18:3. This band is made up of three siblings, but they're no Jonas Brothers. The three Hostetters make some of the most aggressive and fun hardcore pop punk music ever, and they've made some big promises for their upcoming third album, On The Run. And knowing the band's previous releases (there are no new songs yet), CH183 is gonna bring even more fast n' hard rock n' roll. Check out the band's studio video blogs at their Youtube page right here!

2. Capital Lights: Rhythm N' Moves
Release date: July 17, either independent or Tooth & Nail
One hit wonders are still around today, and Capital Lights is one of the prime examples. This pop punk outfit came around in 2008, released one album called This Is An Outrage!, and then promptly disappeared. Well, thankfully, the band has reunited (for now) and are ready to release their next album, Rhythm N' Moves, on July 17 (which is a really long way away, dang it!). Again, there is no new music yet, but you can follow the band on Twitter to catch any updates that may come your way (@Capital_Lights).

1. House of Heroes: Cold Hard Want
Release date: July 10, Mono Vs. Stereo/Gotee Records
You may remember that I like an alternative rock band called House of Heroes. Their latest album, Suburba, dropped in 2010 and left the fans wanting more. Well, they're here to give you more in July with Cold Hard Want. The band's been teasing this album for a whil— playing new songs "Comfort Trap" and "Suspect" live and releasing the first single, Touch This Light—and things are shaping up really great. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that this album is looking like the Vice Verses of 2012. It's aggressive, but fun at the same time. It's high-energy, but the lyrics are still deep. Get this album. Just get it.

And there you go! Five more albums! You can bet I'll have most of these by August.

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What upcoming albums are you most excited about?

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