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College Movie Clichés That Actually Happen

College Movie Clichés That Actually Happen

You know how sometimes, you see things in movies, and can’t help but think, “No. Absolutely not. There’s no way that ever happens in real life”? Well, most of the cinematic clichés about college life turn out to be based in reality. For example:

1. Toga parties. Yes, I’ve participated in a toga party, which is fairly embarrassing, especially considering that I wasn’t wearing an authentic Roman toga. It was more like a Greek tunic, and you have NO IDEA how much that bugged me. I was super obnoxious about it the whole night. As for the vibe, it was pretty much exactly what one would expect from a toga party: disco ball, mainstream music that the Romans(/Greeks) almost certainly never would have listened to, and a half-hearted attempt at authenticity through free wine. I never thought I’d say this, but Animal House got it right, including the “TOGA. TOGA. TOGA. TOGA.” chant.

2. Food fights. Now THIS one I’ll willingly admit to participating in. Actually, just to make you guys even more jealous, our food fight was originally supposed to be a no-hands-allowed pie-eating contest. This was one of several events in a day that began with lighting a toilet on fire, and included an “American Gladiators”-style joust. It took me ages to get the apple pie out of my hair, but it was absolutely worth it, because I nailed a friend in the face with peach pie.

3. Drum circles. No. I don’t wanna talk about it. They happen, ok? And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there’s nothing you can do about them. Just take a deep breath, and walk in the other direction.

4. Playing Frisbee on the quad with friends. As it turns out, Frisbee isn’t actually that much fun, no matter how much the notably diverse groups of students on the brochures seem to enjoy it.

5. “Deep discussions” on how pretty much everything boils down to either a social construction, or an evolutionary advantage. How wonderful the fries in the grille smell? It’s evolutionarily advantageous that humans enjoy fatty, salty food, because way back when, we actually NEEDED fat. How wonderful that Ultimate Frisbee player over there smells? Social construction, perpetuated by the Old Spice guy. And I’m not even a sociology major.

6. Raves. Who even goes to raves? Why do they keep happening? I went to one once, and left about 10 minutes later. There is no appeal there. And yet, they happen like once a month. I simply don’t understand.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: I’m not usually a huge fan of Adele, but I’m definitely a huge fan when she covers Sam Cooke.

Does movie stuff happen at your school?

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