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Why Everyone Should Watch Once Upon a Time

Why Everyone Should Watch Once Upon a Time

bridget-starrs, this is totally our favorite show. Evil Queen ftw!—Sparkitors

ATTENTION SPARKLERS: The world’s greatest show to have ever graced the realm of television is drawing to a gut-wrenching first season finale. It’s alright to be sad. We can bitterly lament with tears of woe and anguish over how all the good things in our lives end so soon. We can pound our fists on the floor and console ourselves with nauseating amounts of ice cream.

Or, we could just recount why Once Upon a Time has been the best thing that has ever happened to TV and spare ourselves the tears and ice cream binge.

If you are not one of the people who have become diehard fans of Once Upon a Time during the past several months, you better have a very good reason for this. Perhaps you were in a coma, for instance. Or maybe you live in cave in the middle of nowhere and have never seen an electronic device. But if you're not either of those things, you need to sit down and start watching RIGHT NOW. Here's why:

  1. It has the perfect plot. Think about it--some amazingly attractive fairytale characters in princess dresses and sexy-puffy man shirts get trapped in our world by an evil queen’s dark curse.The only person who can save them is none other than the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, the Brad and Angelina of fairy land. I mean, how much better does it get???
  2. The wait is over for a show as good as Lost. You know it’s true: once Lost was over, you looked with condescending disdain upon every TV show out there. Any conversation about a TV show would end with you hastily saying, “But it was nowhere near as good as Lost.” Nothing could satisfy the hole Lost left in your heart…..until now! Trust me, it’s just as good. And, to make it even better, the producers tied a bunch of Lost allusions into the episodes.
  3. Prince Charming and Snow White. If Snow white and Prince Charming were the only two characters in Once Upon a Time and every episode was about them sitting at a table in an empty storage unit eating Brussels sprouts, I would still faithfully watch the show every week. I mean, COME ON people; which of your stony hearts didn’t melt like microwaved butter on toast when Charming tells Snow, “I will always find you.” *Clears throat* Please excuse me while I go shed a few tears.
  4. THE VILLAINS! Is a book\movie\TV show truly great without a couple of original and badass villains? HECK NO. But don’t worry; Once Upon a Time has lots and lots of awesome villains who are sure to channel your inner bad guy. Well, actually, there are really only two villains. But they’re both still really awesome.

Here's a run-through of the villains:

  • First, there's Rumpelstiltskin, who's one of the best characters on the show.  He’s just so freakin’ awesome in his own creepy (and occasionally disturbing) way. In fairy world, Rumpel is your average fairyland man until he kills this guy and gets magic power from a magic dagger and becomes a super-mega magical wizard-villain. The only weird thing is how, once he became magical, his face started turning all gold and glittery, like he’d pulled out his old box of glitter glue and had a bit too much fun with it. Since when does having lots and lots of power mean your face starts turning all gold and sparkly?
  • And then there's villain #2, the Evil Queen. No villain beats Rumpelstiltskin, but the Evil Queen comes pretty close. She takes her evilness VERY seriously. AND she’s just as scary in the real world, where she’s the mayor of Storybrooke. If the actress was walking down the street, I’d be running in the opposite direction shouting “SAVE YOURSELVES!!! THE QUEEN IS HERE!!! SHE’LL RIP YOUR HEART OUT AND MAKE YOU A MINION OF HER ARMY!! DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!!”

….and then I’d have to go to therapy because I have trouble telling the difference between reality and a super mega awesome TV show.

Is anyone else in love with Once Upon a Time?

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